War is Coming Review

House of Truth = Awesome!

-Taped on November 20, 2009 from Davenport, Iowa

-Your hosts are still no one.

­-AAW Tag Team Champions House of Truth come out to introduce themselves and talk about how awesome they are. YEAH! Phoenix Twins are mentioned as being a thorn in their side. Twins come out for ready to fight. They want a tag team title match tonight, but the HoT turn them down. Hybrids come from behind and join in on a beatdown of the Twins. This naturally leads to the opening contest at least.

-The Phoenix Twins (Tweek and Dash) vs. The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte)

Hey, let’s begin with the two teams I can’t tell apart. Lack of commentary hurts a lot here. Hybrids obviously start in control of the match because of the pre-match brawl. Crowd is a bit bigger and more into the matches, a positive sign considering this is their second show. Phoenix Twins make a hot tag and a brief comeback, but the Hybrids cheat and regain the advantage. Hybrids show slight improve from the previous month as they focus on more basic heel tactics and double teams. Of course, as I say it one of them falls off the ropes as the Twins make their comeback. They recover well. Sweet Twin music gets the deuce for Tweek and Dash.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: 7:26/*1/2

-Basic opener that keeps the Twins strong for an eventual championship match with House of Truth.

-Keith Walker vs. Johnny Wisdom

Walker refuses to wrestle in Berwyn, yet he wrestles in Davenport. Not sure about that logic. Almost before I can finish typing, Walker finishes Wisdom with a clothesline quickly.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Keith Walker/:25/N/R

-After that stimulating match, Walker wants Tyler Black. Because of traffic/injury issues, Black isn’t here yet. Walker threatens to come out during every match until Black arrives and accepts his challenge.

-Matt “Krotch” Mayday vs. Knight Wagner

Krotch makes X-Pac jokes at the expense of Wagner. He’s so much less annoying when he’s not humping people. Basic feeling out process. Krotch takes control and uses ten punches in the corner. Pair of atomic drops gets two. Legdrop misses by Wagner. Krotch hits a dropkick and sits down hard on him. Outside the ring briefly as Krotch hits a dive. While trying to come back in the ring, Wagner kicks him off the apron and rams his head. Choke in the corner with his foot. Series of kicks as the crowd calls for a broncobuster. Cause he’s X-Pac. Get it? Series of punches by Krotch, but Wagner comes back with a snapmare and a legdrop. Russian legsweep and a running knee. Resthold. Exchange of rights. Krotch takes the lead and hammers away. Modified neckbreaker. Wagner tries to kick Krotch off the apron again, but Krotch… well, he krotches Wagner on the middle rope. Leaping dive krotch first gets two. Big kick by Wagner gets two as well. Battle on the top rope. Snapmare powerbomb. Wisdom pulls Krotch’s legs out. Remember there are no disqualifications in AAW. It’s referee’s discretion. Elbow by Wagner. Wisdom grabs Krotch. Wagner punches Wisdom. Blind charge misses. Broncobuster and a dropkick. Sliced bread #2 leads to the three count.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Krotch/10:35/**1/4

-When you take away Krotch’s silly gimmick and give Wagner time to wrestle, this is what happens. A perfectly acceptable wrestling match.

-Keith Walker beats up Krotch to keep his promise. Tyler Black comes out with a chair and accepts the challenge of Mr. Walker. Black says he’s not a hard guy to find. Well, it is when you only just got to the building.

-AAW Tag Team Championship: House of Truth (Josh Raymond and Christian Able)(champions) vs. Zero Gravity (Bret Gakiya and C.J. Esparza)

Crowd wants new champs. No way they’d ever change titles in Davenport… Right? Raymond and Gakiya start. Raymond goes “YEAH!” a lot. One time too many as he gets rolled up for a two count. Crowd responds by going “YEAH!” Awesome. Gakiya works the arm. Messed up headscissors. Leaps right into a firrman’s carry. Another headscissors. Monkey flip. Back to the armbar. Esparza and Able into the ring. Conspicuous by its absence? Able works the headlock before Esparza dropkicks him. Armbar. Able works the armbar. Esparza uses the ropes to get out of it. Double team moves by Zero Gravity. Shoulder tackle by Able. Champs work Gakiya over. YEAH! Not for long. More double teams by Zero Gravity. Esparza is taken into Truth’s corner. Neckbreaker by Esparza. Springboard splash. Raymond kicks him in the back. Able with a flurry. Series of punches by Able. Esparza tries to come back, but a knee sends him back down. Heat segment on Esparza. Hot tag to Gakiya who’s a house of fire. He has a good exchange with Able. Big splash gets two. Off the ropes, but Raymond pulls the leg. Huge suplex by Able. YEAH! Heat segment on Gakiya. Good one too since Gakiya excels at taking a beating and selling. Gakiya hits a DDT. Referee starts to count. Esparza in and he cleans house, even hitting a shooting star elbow on Raymond. What a dumb-looking move. Raymond comes back with an acecrusher and hard kick. Tower of Truth is broken up. Acecrusher/headbutt combo hit by Gravity. 1-2-FOOT ON THE ROPES. Headscissors rams Raymond’s head into the mat. Dropkick by Gakiya. Flippy cup. 1-2-NO! Able breaks the count. House of Truth catch Gakiya on the outside of the ring. Esparza dives on top of all three men. Esparza to the top but Raymond sends him flying off the apron. Able powerbombs Gakiya. Leg lariat by Raymond. Tower of Truth. 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Tag Team Champions- House of Truth/21:15/***1/2

-Shocking amount of time for this match, but I legit loved every minute of it. Gravity got a lot of time to showcase their stuff while Truth showed how great of a tag team they truly are. Seriously, this was one of the most fun tag team matches you’ll ever see. A slow build leads to a well-executed ending. Truth did a great job making Gravity looking like credible challengers. This is exactly how a title match should go, even if the challengers aren’t exactly top contenders.

-House of Truth continue working over Zero Gravity before the Phoenix Twins make the save.

-Marek Brave gives us a spelling lesson and talks about being banished from Berwyn. He should be pissed considering what a great city that is.

-Nick Brubaker vs. Juice Robinson

Juice starts quickly on Brubaker. Chops in the corner. Off the turnbuckle into a backdrop. Dropkick. Brubaker squeals. Clothesline over the top and Brubaker gathers himself. Both men head back into the ring. Juice still maintains control until he hits Brubaker’s knees on a standing senton. Not a whole lot of interesting offense from Mr. Brubaker. Left hands by Juice but a dropkick gets Brubaker back the advantage. Long two count. To the second rope. Atomic drop by Juice. Back drop reversed into a roll-up. Bsoton crab by Brubaker. Little early for something like that. Brubaker lets go after not getting a tapout. Vertical suplex as Brubaker continues to tell the crowd to shut their mouths. Way to show charisma there buddy. Juice with some shot and a belly-to-back suplex. Juice with more moves. Boot and a reverse elbow. Leg lariat. Tilt-a-whirl-slam. Neither man sounds like they haven’t quite hit puberty yet. Fisherman buster try by Brubaker, but Juice gordbusters his opponent on the top tope. He misses a legdrop and gets missile-dropkicked. 1-2-no. Crossbody attempt but Juice locks in a fireman’s carry. Brubaker turns into a roll-up. He holds the tights and gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time Rating: Nick Brubaker/7:47/*1/2

-Brubaker has never shown me all that much. Juice is really green but has potential. Everything he does just looks awkward though because he’s a lefthander. Not sure if he’ll need to change the way he wrestles or not.

-Tyler Black vs. Keith Walker

Walker attacks Black before the bell even rings with a chain. Would love to see Walker pass a wellness test. He’s actually a regular tag team partner of Bison Smith in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Those matches must be horrifying. After some plodding power offense, Black picks up the pace with a dropkick and series of right hands. Shoulder tackle sends to the ring floor and then on the outside. Walker works over Black on the outside but hits his hand on the post. Black tries a dive. Walker catches him. Black posts him head first. Somersault dive as Black is fired up. Walker rams Black into the apron and then into some empty chairs. Appear to be a few more people in the house tonight. A step above their 20 people from last show. Black can’t hit a vertical suplex on the outside. He uses some punches and a kick to the leg. Walker reverses into a suplex of his own. He pulls on the neck. Resthold. Chinlock by Walker. Back elbow by Walker. Elbows to the side of the head. Looks familiar. Black on the outside. He tries a sunset flip but gets kicked right in the face. Hard chop. Some choking and more chops. Walker is not the most enthralling wrestler I’ve ever seen. More boring offense. Tyler misses a blind charge to the corner. Clotheslines don’t faze Walker. Boot to the face in the corner. Clothesline off the second rope. Charge into the corner leads to a kick in the back of the head. Springboard clothesline. Lionsault gets two. Superkick is blocked. Walker gets a waistlock. Black ducks a clothesline and hits a pele. Superkick. DDT. 1-2-NO! Black gets all fired up but eats a clothesline, forearm, and boot in the corner. Watching him run in fast forward would have been entertaining if nothing else. Punch to the throat and a northern lights bomb. Walker places Black on the top rope. Black fights out and the ref goes down. Black accidentally Phoenix splashes poor Waldo Peeps. Guess he didn’t know where Waldo was. Walker chokeslams Black and takes a chair from an unsuspecting fan. Another referee comes in to stop Walker but he gets sent down. Bell rings.

-Winner (s)/Time Rating: No-contest/13:41/**

-No-contests in AAW are pretty rare. Bad finish to what was an awfully boring match. If not for Black, I’d say this would have been even worse. Walker brought nothing.

-Phoenix Twins are looking forward to their tag team title match against the House of Truth. Twins tease tension. This promo is what should have been shown in Windy City Classic V when the HoT mentioned it in a promo, and the announcers discussed it during the match.

Davenport Street Fight: Marek Brave vs. Danny Daniels

No entrances. Just brawling immediately. As mentioned before, this is a street fight. You can tell because they’re in street clothes. They brawl outside the ring. They brawl inside the ring. They use all kinds of toys and weapons. The funniest part of this match may have been the ring announcer giving introductions even as the fight is going on. Having such poor lighting and camera work makes for a negative viewing experience considering this goes everywhere in the building. One of the highlights is Daniels getting up for a dropkick with Brave prone on a chair. I was impressed with that considering the man is not exactly svelte and he’s wearing jeans. Brave and Daniels battle outside the building. Too bad there isn’t a hurricane or snow… or strip club. Brave asks a fan if they got the memo about him being a good guy. Too funny. Brubaker comes out to interfere. Daniels piledrives Brave and gets two. Brubaker up once again. Brave fights both men off and piledrives Daniels himself. 1-2-NO! Table still in the ring, so that was obvious. Daniels throws one chair away and picks up another. Duck of s shot. The two men fight over the chair. Brave accidentally hits the referee. Come on. Two straight matches? Daniels piledrives Brave on the chair. Another referee comes out and counts three. That was useless. Why have a ref bump when Daniels basically wins clean anyway?

-Winner (s)/Time Rating: Danny Daniels/N/A/*

-Every brawl I’ve ever seen basically. No blood and no real intensity. I guess I’ve seen worse, and no one got hurt too badly. Brave spears Daniels through the table to send the fans home happy.

Final Thoughts: Can’t really recommend this two disk DVD set. This wasn’t nearly as horrifying as I thought it could get considering the talent involved. I thoroughly enjoyed two matches though. I almost would have preferred a best of collection from the events in Davenport cause it seems like there will end up being a handful of good to great matches and a whole lot of matches involving lower level guys getting ring time. Not anything wrong with the ladder. Just not something I’d recommend to the average indy wrestling fan.


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