Redemption Review

A new year means more of AAW in Davenport!

-Taped on January 15, 2010 from Davenport, Iowa

-Your hosts are still no one.

-The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte) vs. Marcus Crane and Maddog McDowell

I swear to God the building is even darker than usual. Least we finally added a second camera. McDowell and Crane are making what I can only assume is their AAW debut. It’s funny because I think I can tell the new team apart moreso than the Hybrids who I’ve seen multiple times. Helps to have distinctive looks and characters. Hybrids hit a duel Jig’n’Tonic for the win.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: The Hybrids/6:12/1/2*

-Jay Bradley and AAW champion Silas Young immediately come out to beat both teams up. Young brags about coming back to Davenport as the champion. He brags about Bradley being the one to take Black out a couple months ago. Young says the fans just want hand-outs. Least we know where his political leanings are. Bradley talks about beating Black again. Jimmy Jacobs comes out to respond and mentions the fact that he beat Bradley for the AAW championship. Jacobs doesn’t care about the two large gentlemen staring at him. He’ll fight them two-on-one. Black comes out with a chair. Age of the Fall? REUNITED! Black calls Bradley fat boy. Someone has been watching Ric Flair promos.

-Krotch vs. Jimmy Rockwell

Guessing this is Rockwell’s debut as well. He looks a little bit like a Young Buck reject. Feeling out process to start. Rockwell flees and generally acts like a wuss. Krotch controls the match and doesn’t resort to humping. I like this guy so much more in Davenport than Berwyn. Crowd has no idea who Rockwell is. After watching him on offense, I can’t say I blame them. Definitely needs some work, but at least he doesn’t wet the bed and botch a bunch of moves. Pretty basic contest that doesn’t expose Rockwell. Krotch drops Rockwell on the back of his head. Rockwell hits double knees in the corner. Forearm by Krotch into a modified neckbreaker. Sitdown splash leads to a two count. Broncobuster but Rockwell runs away. Sitdown splash on the outside of the ring. Gordbuster by Rockwell. Long two count. This match is getting a lot of time. Broncobuster at last from Krotch. Dropkick. He starts thrusting and ruining my standing with him. Sliced bread #2 into a roll-up. 1-2-3.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Krotch/9:41/*

-Derek St. Holmes interviews Zero Gravity. The team wants another opportunity at the belts, but Zero Gravity has to wrestle The Chan Clan tonight. Wagner thinks St. Holmes should be talking with them instead of Zero Gravity. St. Holmes says everyone should go to the back, but The Chan Clan start the fight even before the bell rings.

-Zero Gravity (Bret Gakiya and C.J., Esparza) vs. The Chan Clan (Jordan McEntyre and Knight Wagner)(w/Johnny Wisdom)

Chan Clan are so incompetent they immediately lose the advantage and are the victims of double dives. Zero Gravity maintain control of the contest with a series of double teams. Chan Clan cheat behind the referee’s back and we have a heat segment on Esparza. Doesn’t last long as Gakiya quickly tags in. Awkward spot leads to a dropkick on Wagner. Ram into the corner midsection first. Gakiya tries something off the top rope but gets dropkicked. Heat segment on Gakiya. My God, does this ever feel like it’s going forever. After a few minutes of enthralling action, Esparza tags in and gets a splash on both Chan Clan members. Kick to the face and a DDT. Wagner fails at regaining the advantage. McEntyre manages to get a nice spinebuster and standing cannonball splash. Gakiya roots for his partner from the outside. He pulls Wagner out. Headscissors by Esparza. Moonsault by Gakiya. Shooting star elbow by Esparza. Zero gravity gets the win.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Zero Gravity/8:16/*

-Pretty boring match. Chan Clan really aren’t that very good, and their jobber status was definitely shown here. Hey, every company needs jobbers.

-Nick Brubaker vs. Marek Brave

This is based off what happened the previous month where Brubaker helped Danny Daniels pick up the win in a street fight against Brave. After starting out like the preverbal house of fire, Marek Brave quickly find himself on the defensive against Brubaker. Not an exciting match to say the least. Brubaker needs to be a part of a tag team because the personality is there; he just needs to work on his in-ring skill. And I’m not saying he needs to learn a bunch of MOVEZ or DIVEZ, he just needs to work on crispness and making what he does mean something. Brave comes back with a blockbuster. Referee begins his count. Brubaker regains control but gets distracted by the referee’s count. Over the head belly-to-belly suplex which looked quite impressive. Fireman’s carry by Brubaker is reversed by Brave. Spear. Superkick. 1-2-3.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Marek Brave/7:55/*1/4

-Good way to get Brave a measure of revenge although it wasn’t much of a match.

-Silas Young (AAW champion) and Jay Bradley vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black

Jacobs and Black don’t even let the bell ring as they charge the ring and clear out Young and Bradley. Some stalling to start as the heels don’t seem too eager to fight. Jacobs and Young start. Fitting since Young beat the Jacobs for the belt. Bradley tags in before contact is even made. Shoving match. Jacobs fires with rights, and Bradley flees the ring. More stalling by the heels. Young back in now and they engage in a feeling out process. Black wants in. Young flees to the outside again. Bradley comes in and immediately tries working over Black’s neck. Black tries kicking the legs. Bradley with a headlock. Heat segment on Black. Very odd structure to this match. Heels work over Black’s neck. Black sunset flip gives Young the chance to knock Jacobs down. Black slams Young into the corner. Some old school Age of the Fall double team moves. Actually makes me feel nostalgic. Young takes control of Jacobs but BABYFACE FIRE brings Jacobs back. Bradley in and he continually hits Jacobs, but the smaller man won’t stay down. Jacobs rakes the eyes and forearms the champion. Bradley guillotines the neck. Basically, Young is getting his ass handed to him in this match, while the Age of the Fall is having a lot of trouble with Bradley. As I say this, Black and Jacobs begin double-teaming him. Age of the Fall proving me wrong again. Poke to the eyes but the heel’s advantage doesn’t last long. Very back and forth type match with neither team able to take control. Black backslides Young into the ropes. He continues to shimmy before getting kicked in the back. Young and Bradley once again start working over Black. Jacobs tags and peppers Bradley with shots. Young kicks Jacobs from behind. Jacobs punches Young before running into Bradley. Black dropkicks both men down. Black dives on to Bradley on the outside of the ring. Jacobs attempts to do the same, but Young stops him. Bradley and Young use power moves and be a clubberin Jacobs. Little Dusty Rhodes for everyone out there. Black calls Young the worst champion he’s ever seen. Guess he fell asleep during Jerry Lynn’s ROH title reign. Can’t blame him for that. Jacobs fights his way back into the corner for a tag, but of course the referee didn’t see it. Here’s an idea for the babyfaces. Don’t bother tagging if the referee isn’t going to see it anyway. Or just start kicking ass anyway. Hot tag to Black. Springboard clothesline on Bradley. Clothesline for everyone in fact. Bradley with a forearm. Black gets a kick out of the corner. Off the top with a missile dropkick on the champion. Pele on Bradley. He gets himself all fired up and hits a running forearm. F-5. 1-2-NO!Bradley places his knee into Black’s back and rams into the mat. Guillotine choke by Jacobs. Young fires away, but Jacobs tells him to bring it. Young rips the eyes. Neckbreaker by Jacobs. Young with a handful of tights gets two. Superkick on Young. Lariat by Bradley. Headscissors by Jacobs on to Bradley. He runs into a powerslam by Young. More right hands. Bradley and Young try a double team move off the top, but Black powerbombs Bradley. SUPER CONTRA CODE! 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black/21:34/***1/4

-Not a great match, but it got its point across. Jacobs and Black were a spectacular in-ring team, and you could see it here. It was like they never lost a step. Perfect dynamic in this match with the heels being big and strong while the faces were small and had to use their quickness and savvy to hang around.

-Random broad comes out with a t-shirt, the same one Danny Daniels piledrove at the Christmas Berwyn show. Daniels says they want him to wrestle a ninja, but he’s having none of that. Daniels threatens the young lady, so she quickly departs. Daniels won’t get ready. He tells the ninja to come down.

-Secret Ninja 7 vs. Danny Daniels

Know what makes this awesome? The fact that he’s number seven. Daniels piledrives him and pins him in record time seemingly. He takes him outside and pins him again.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Danny Daniels:15/N/R

-Mr. X vs. Johnny Wisdom (w/Knight Wagner and Jordan McEntyre)

From a ninja to Mr. X. Feels like 80s all over again. X tries a full nelson, but Wisdom flees. Wisdom isn’t even dressed to wrestle. Wagner works the arm of X on the ropes. Two minutes in and minimal contact has been made. McEntyre wants to do the same thing as Wagner, but little does he know he’s ramming Wisdom’s arm into the ropes. X with a series of bodyslams. X rams the various members of the Chan Clan into each other. Crowd is bored. Loud chant starts up. Ouch. X cravats Wisdom’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Bodyslam by Wisdom is countered into a small package into the cravat. X tosses Wisdom out. Chan Clan kicks away at X. Shouldn’t that warrant them being tossed or Wisdom being disqualified? What a horrible referee! Wisdom chokes away in lieu of doing anything interesting and ends up crotching himself. X with left hands, but he gets tripped. More choking. Chan Clan accidentailly pulls the leg of Wisdom to absolutely no reaction. They run in and WHERE’S THE DQ? X fights them all off. What a bunch of geeks. Even the comedy spots get no pop. Full nelson puts me out of my misery.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Dr. X/7:58/1/4*

-Chan Clan continues the beatdown. They even threaten to take his mask. Wagner challenges X to a singles match the February Davenport show. Goody. Another Dr. X match. What a dreadfully boring contest which lost the crowd and garnered a boring chant, something I don’t think I’ve ever heard at an AAW show. I’m actually impressed this is the only offensively bad match I’ve seen during the almost three complete Davenport shows I’ve watched.

-Trik Davis vs. Shane Hollister

These two had a good match at CHIKARA’s Young Lions Cup back in the month of August. Hollister is in short tights and finally out of Black’s 2006 pants. Hollister quickly into the advantage with kicks. Davis takes a bump right on his tailbone. That’ll hurt later. David with a knee and slap to the face. Reverse elbow into a fireman’s carry gutbuster for two. Hollister goes for his finisher, but Davis flees. He gets into it with a fan but manages to guillotine Hollister’s neck on the second rope. Hollister dropkicks Davis and comes off with an armdrag. Headbutts outside the ring. Back in and Davis doesn’t appear to know where he’s at. Davis rams Hollister’s knee on the middle rope and stomps a mudhole in him. Series of knees to the back while getting to know the Davenport audience. Resthold which Hollister works out of. Awkward sequence that I don’t even know what happened. Davis regains control. Hollister with a kick to the back of the head. Hollister is pushed on the top rope. Nasty fall. Davis rolls his opponent back in the ring but only gets a two count. Northern lights suplex into another two. Hollister rolls Davis up for two. Knees to the back by Davis. Some fan is blatantly recording this match with a digital camera. Hollister hits a swinging DDT. Both men are down. Belly-to-back suplex countered into a dropkick. Sitting neckbreaker by Hollister. Kick to the midsection leads to a powerbomb. Flatliner gets two. Blind charge turns into a German suplex by Davis. He takes Hollister down neck and midsection first for two. Hollister grabs the ropes and hits a back elbow. Davis with a cloverleaf out of a small package. Hollister breaks out but is favoring his legs. Davis elbows the knee multiple times. Backslide gets two. Hollister with a big kick after a failed O’Connor roll try. Acecrusher and a kick to the chest get three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Shane Hollister/13:31/**1/2

-Not as good as their previous match but serviceable.

-Daniels runs in after the match and is almost kicked, but he takes a powder. Daniels wants to end his feud with Hollister at the next Davenport show in February.

-AAW Tag Team Championship: House of Truth (Christian Able and Josh Raymond) vs. The Phoenix Twins (Tweek and Dash Phoenix)

House of Truth stall a bunch and go “YEAH!” a lot. It’s okay. Be shocked. These two teams engaged in a very good tag team match at Windy City Classic V. Logic should dictate that this would also be a pretty good match as well. Ehhhh maybe not. The first half of the match are a basic formula tag team match, which would have been more effective if I hadn’t watched the tag team match earlier in the show. There’s even a spot featured with the referee missing a hot tag. Much like many of the main events, this contest gets a lot more time than most AAW matches. Extended heat segment on Tweek Phoenix that goes on for quite a long time. Finally, after what seems like forever, Dash comes in and works over the champions. Submission hold applied on Able. Raymond breaks it up. Pounce by Able. Spinebuster. Raymond hits a springboard moonsault on Tweek outside the ring. Able gets a quick two count in the ring. Tower of Truth broken up and Dash almost gets a flash pin. Double team moves by the Phoenix Twins. All four men brawling in the ring. Twins set up for Sweet Twin Music. Able pulls one out, and Able hits an acecrusher. Superkick by Raymond. Double team move by HoT leads to a two count. Tower of Truth is countered. Tweek applies a crossface on Raymond and gets… a tapout? Able claims on the microphone that he was the legal man. Okay, so we have a boring match compounded by a crappy ending as Mason Beck powerbombs one of the Twins. Able gets the three count to retain the titles. Boring match and a crappy ending to end a mediocre show.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Tag Team Champions- House of Truth/N/A/**

Final Thoughts: Definitely the worst of the three AAW Davenport AAW shows up to this point. While the two previous shows at least had that one match you could point to and say was great, this show only had one good tag team match and a dreadful main event that left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve seen the Twins and HoT have some fantastic matches together, but this wasn’t their night, Thankfully, there’s one more Davenport show with a huge main event that I’m not even waiting a week to put up. Check out the final Davenport review tomorrow!


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