Auditions Review

Where feuds are settled and huge title changes happen!

Thanks to some moralists in the Davenport community, AAW’s last show in the city took place in February. Hopefully, unlike the last show, AAW can deliver on a great show before saying good-bye to Davenport.

-Taped on February 19, 2010

-No commentators still.

-House of Truth promo. They’re wrestling Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black for the AAW tag team championships. One thing the Davenport shows have proven is Christian Able can cut a good promo.

-Keith Walker claims Black is running away from him and is going to make his life a living hell. He’s going to tear Krotch from limb to limb. I laughed.

-AAW champion Silas Young comes out to the live crowd and talks about wrestling a 20 minute tag match the previous month with a 103 degree fever and an inferior partner. Crowd wants him to shut up.

-20 Man Battle Royal-Winner wrestles Silas Young for the AAW Championship

Everyone who’s on the card of the show is in the Battle Royal. That saves me 5 minutes of typing all these names out again. Knight Wagner is immediately thrown out to assert his jobber status. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a battle royal. As a general rule, I find them to be pretty blah and can’t see how people rate these things. Zero Gravity is eliminated quickly by Keith Walker. Black is shockingly tossed out by Walker. Everyone in the ring gangs up on the rather large Walker to toss him. House of Truth and Phoenix Twins basically eliminate each other. The two teams continue brawling at ringside and to the back. And we’re down to five in about three minutes. Danny Daniels and Trik Davis are on one side. Jimmy Jacobs, Shane Hollister, and Krotch are on the other. Jacobs and Krotch go at it while the dastardly heels are on the outside. Dumb. Heels of course take advantage of the babyface’s stupidity. Jacobs spears them both. Young stops by to make sure Jacobs is tossed. Down to four. Davis and Daniels think they’ve eliminated, but they both get dropkicked. Duel broncobusters delivered by Krotch. Sliced bread attempt leads to him being tossed hard on to the floor by Davis and Daniels. Daniels accidentally clotheslines Krotch out of the ring leaving Daniels and Hollister. They have issues and are supposed to wrestle later on. Daniels flees and Hollister dives on to him. They brawl outside the ring. A father hiding his terrorized child from the mayhem is the best part. Back inside the ring to continue the fight. They battle on the apron for a bit. Daniels breaks out an impressive superplex. Daniels goes for the piledriver and gets tossed over the top. He’s the number one contender, and I guess the match with Daniels is off.

-Winner/Time/Rating: Shane Hollister/11:46/N/R

-Like many reviewers, I don’t rate battle royals. It was too quick and felt meaningless.

-Mr. X vs. Knight Wagner (w/Jordan McIntyre)

Mr. X has issues with the Chan Clan in Davenport. Typical opening match from the 80s. Considering it’s Dr. X in the ring, it only makes sense. Know what I want to see? Mr. X versus Mat Classic. Not even sure why since it wouldn’t be all that great. X goes for the full nelson, but Wagner goes into the ropes. Vertical suplex back in the ring, but McIntyre grabs the leg. Wagner falls on top for three.

-Winner/Time/Rating: Knight Wagner/4:42/1/2*

-Trik Davis vs. Mike Sydal

Hey, it’s Evan Bourne’s brother. And he’s wearing pink tights. Basic exchange to start. Davis resorts to biting and then works over the arm. Sydal comes back with double knees to the head of Davis. Hmmm. Looks familiar. I feel like I’ve seen a relative of his perform that move. Pair of dropkicks before running into an elbow. Atomic drop by Bourne. Standing moonsault gets two. He goes for his brother’s finisher and gets rolled up. Awful looking one too. Codebreaker into a modified fisherman’s buster. This gets Davis the win.

-Winner/Time/Rating: Trik Davis/6:52/*

-Basic match. No complaints.

Keith Walker vs. Krotch

Walker comes out barking. Krotch is going to die. Krotch asks, “Who books this crap?” That’s the line of the year. No joke. Action starts hot and heavy. Walker begins dissecting Krotch on the outside of the ring. Chops and he just disregards him completely by throwing him into five rows worth of chairs. He keeps asking where Tyler is. Like a moron, Krotch tries to get up. Walker rams him backfirst into the post. Walker goes back into the ring and screams a lot. Is that charisma? Back inside and Walker uses a nervehold. Seriously, this guy gets booked in Pro Wrestling NOAH? Neckbreaker by Krotch. Off the ropes and he gets Bossman slammed. Series of fists and a flying forearm. Leg lariat but Walker gets one forearm. Drop toehold by Krotch. Chokeslam try. Krotch uses the referee and gets a low blow like a good babyface should. Walker tosses Krotch on a sliced bread attempt. Big lariat. FUCKING JESUS!

-Winner/Time/Rating: Keith Walker/6:06/1/4*

Walker dragon suplexes Krotch and goes after some security geeks who try to stop him. This was a dreadful contest that only I only gave the rating I did because of the vicious lariat. Amazing sound. Black comes out with a chair to run Walker away.

-The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte) (w/Miss Eryn) vs. Zero Gravity vs. The Phoenix Twins (Tweek and Dash)

Miss Eryn is new, some blonde bimbo. This was vaguely mentioned as being a number one contender’s match. How the Hybrids even come close when I think they’ve won one AAW match perplexes me. Another negative is I don’t know if this is elimination rules or not. Gravity has improved significantly the last few months. Twins are certainly veterans of the company who’ve produced their share of solid matches. I guess the Hybrids got a personality transplant because they show more here than they have in their previous matches. Dash of course does his dive over the top ringpost on to the Hybrids. What a dumb move. Twins have some fun at the Hybrids’ expense with some double teams. Action too fast to even call as all three teams put together a solid tag match. Heat segment on Gakiya. What makes this match awkward is two of the teams are babyfaces, only leaving the Hybrids to work over the faces in their specific corner. Hot tag to the Twins and things of course break down in expedient fashion. Some sweet quadruple team work from Gravity and the Twins. Now they face off and begin brawling. Hybrids get involved too after not too long. Josh Raymond hits Dash with the AAW championship belt. Gravity doesn’t know what to do. Flippy Cup gets the win. Hey, gotta take advantage of the situation when it presents itself.

-Winner/Time/Rating: Zero Gravity/12:50/**3/4

-Entertaining little match that featured some nice moves but not a great deal of psychology. Hybrids showed something for the first time in this Davenport run.

-Phoenix Twins chase after the House of Truth after the match

-Jordan McIntyre (w/Knight Wagner) vs. Jeremy Wyatt

My God. I think Jordan McIntyre is actually going to win a match. Wyatt gives it a go, but even McIntyre isn’t that much of a jobber to lose out to some newcomer. McIntyre hits a messed tiger driver for the win. Man, that was an ugly tiger driver. Almost dropped the poor guy on his head.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Jordan McIntyre/4:10/1/4*

-Improbably, the Chan Clan is 2-0. They want to be interviewed by none other than Derek St. Holmes. Quite the coincidence he’s even in the building tonight. St. Holmes talks about not wanting to wrestle while Wagner is an active wrestler. Wagner points the finger. Holmes takes his jacket off, so you know he’s serious. Wagner talks more garbage and gets slapped in the face. Holmes lays down the challenge for the next time they’re in Davenport (Go with it.) If St. Holmes and his best friend Mr. X win against McIntyre and Wagner, Holmes gets to take Wagner over his knee and spank him. If the Chan Clan somehow wins, Mr. X unmasks. Then we find out Mr. X is in fact…

Phil Colvin.

-AAW Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. Shane Hollister

One week before their match in Berwyn, there was this match. Hollister is back in Tyler Black’s pants from 2006. Mat wrestling to start. Young talks a whole bunch of garbage to Hollister and the crowd. Eventually, Young backdrops Hollister over the top. Hollister lands on his arm. He fires back at Young with forearms and fists. Chops by Young and a knee to the midsection. Back into the ring. Northern lights bomb by Hollister gets one. Running forearm and eight punches in the corner. Young sends Hollister headfirst into the turnbuckle. Young takes control of the match. Big facebuster with Young coming off the top rope. Backbreaker held by the champion. Holister hits a high kick and tries to get himself back in the match. Misses a running forearm, but he comes back with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Running blockbuster off the ropes. Hollister hits a forearm as Young tries springboarding back in the ring. Young counters a suplex. Off the ropes and Hollister hits a swinging DDT. Young gets an arm on the ropes at two. Hollister goes to the top rope, but Young pushes the referee into the ropes. Headbutt. Young tries a superplex but gets shoved off. A Hollister frogsplash goes badly as he lands on Young’s knees. He quickly comes back with a superkick that sends Young outside. Hollister sort of hits a dive. That didn’t go well, and the crowd goes quiet. Hollister puts Young back in the ring, but Danny Daniels takes Hollister out. The bimbo redhead from previous AAW shows comes out and tries to wake Hollister up. Hollister is bleeding. Young covers. 1-2-NO! Hollister gets out of a Finlay roll and enziguris Young. Young ends up outside. Backbreaker/clothesline combination gets two. Crowd is cheering quite loudly for the challenger. Young rams Hollister’s back in the turnbuckle. Series of kicks by Hollister. Fisherman buster by Young gets two. Young talks trash again but gets kicked right in the face. Series of counters and reversals. Strike exchange. Hollister rolls away from a charge but still hits another enziguri. Leg lariat from the top. Hollister pulls his pant leg up and puts the knee pad down. He charges. Young hits a Finlay roll and hits a springboard moonsault. No, he doesn’t. He eats knees. Running knee gets two. Hollister misses a kick; Young rolls him up and holds the tight for the win.

-Winner/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Champion-Silas Young/19:25/***

-Good match put together. My main issue is that Daniels’ interference really didn’t go anywhere and was just another part of the match. Considering their issue, I feel like it should have meant more. Not a bad match though. Little long might be only other criticism.

-AAW Tag Team Championship: The House of Truth (Josh Raymond and Christian Able)(champions) vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black

Ever since I started AAW in July of 2009, HoT have been the tag team champions. They appeared to be unstoppable as they beat every tag team put in front of them. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell of them dropping it here simply because Age of the Fall have held major titles elsewhere and didn’t need the AAW tag titles added to their resume. I’m also not sure if I would have bothered buying and reviewing any of the Davenport shows if not for this match. Not that I have too high expectations or anything. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of tag matches because the match doesn’t get going until the hot tag, HoT does a great job keeping my interest thanks to their ability to break out innovative spots and be the most annoying heels ever. Josh Raymond yelling “YEAH!” is also awesome for some reason. Jacobs and Black don’t play the underdog role as much in this contest, but instead play the role of veteran tag team who know what they’re doing. Black and Jacobs are a part of individual heat segments as this, like the other tag team title matches in Davenport, receives a lot of time to develop. The old “hot tag gets made while the ref doesn’t see it” spot is broken out for the third time in the last two shows. Black finally gets the hot about 17 minutes in and goes bananas on the champion. F-5 attempt lead to an eyerake by Raymond. Able is dropkicked on the top rope. Black hurancanranas him and tries to belly-to-back suplex Raymond. Black kicks Raymond, and it’s time for some patented Age of the Fall double team work. All four men in the ring. Guillotine choke by Jacobs on Able. Raymond gets a headscissors on Black out of the bucklebomb position. Double team move by Hot. Raymond climbs to the top and misses a spiral tap. Contra code into the headscissors by Jacobs. Able with a slam and a jackhammer. Black breaks up the count. Raymond off the top with a lungblower. Able goes for the title belt, but the referee stops him. Raymond brings in his own title. Phoenix Twins put an end to that. Superkick on Raymond. END TIME! RAYMOND TAPS! NEW CHAMPIONS!

-Winner/Time/Rating: NEW AAW Tag Team Champions: Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black/21:38/***1/4

-Keith Walker comes out and smiles. He knows how much he can drag down the match quality against Tyler Black.

-A very good match that I felt could have been done even better in a different atmosphere. No one can ever question the in-ring tag team work of these two despite my issues with Age of the Fall as a unit in Ring of Honor.

-Shane Hollister doesn’t like Danny Daniels getting in his business.

-Keith Walker is sickened by what AAW has done for Tyler Black. I could not possibly care less about Keith Walker. At all in fact.

-Phoenix Twins gloat over costing HoT the tag team titles and now they want a match.

-Age of the Fall talk about winning the tag team titles. Black mentions Keith Walker. Why? They don’t forget about AAW champion Silas Young either. Great promo.

-House of Truth cut an angry promo in the middle of the empty building. Another great promo about Age of the Fall and Phoenix Twins costing them the tag titles. They vow to get the titles back.

Final Thoughts: An okay show that was the best Davenport show in this little run. Not enough to recommend the DVD, but there were certainly some highlights. I hope an even better match happens between House of Truth and Age of the Fall down the road.


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