6th Anniversary Show Review

-March 26, 2010 featured a lot of wrestling in Phoenix. Both Dragon Gate and Ring of Honor were running shows. Many AAW roster members including Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, Colt Cabana, and even Irish Airborne were unavailable for what should be one of the biggest shows of the year. Instead of simply skipping a month, the company decided to build the anniversary show around one match. The Phoenix Twins and House of truth have had an issue going back to the Fate of Eight show in June 2009. With the tag team titles no longer a factor, the only thing left for either team to put on the line is their AAW careers. And since a cage is pretty tough to get in the rather small Eagles Club, the ropes are taken down and barbed wire is put up. As far as the rest of the card? Might as well put a bunch of names in a hat and pick randomly.

-Taped from Berwyn, Illinois

-Your hosts are Phil Colvin and Derek St… Dave Prazak

-Mason Beck (w/Truth Martini) vs. Jay Bradley

Man, even one of the announcers isn’t in town. Sucks to be them. Two big guys should equal a power match, and it does. Bradley rams Beck down to the mat with his knee on Beck’s neck. Low blow which might not have been planned. Beck gets krotched on the middle rope. Brawl on the outside. Martini holds the leg and Beck boots Bradley right in the face. Stomps and a dropkick by the big man. Whip to the corner. He wastes time and misses a charge. Boot by Bradley. LARIAT… no. Spinebuster by Beck. Powerbomb attempt. LARIAT! 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Jay Bradley/5:15/*1/4

-Not quite sure what AAW is doing with Bradley, but having him beat people up and get victories is a good way to kill time until they figure something out.

-Northstar Express and Nikki interview. Hilarity ensues. Nikki never have a penis. Glad that aspect of the angle was quickly dropped.

-Danny Daniels vs. Trik Davis vs. Michael Façade vs. Jordan McEntyre vs. Knight Wagner vs. Louis Lyndon

Lyndon and Trik start out going back and forth. Lyndon looks pretty good. Chan Clan tries a double team and fails. JOBBERS! Double team on Façade also fails. FAIL! Daniels hits a hard lariat on Façade. Right on his head. That was nasty. Kick right in head of Façade. That was also nasty. Series of slaps. Façade ducks a lariat and hits a leg lariat. Façade with a springboard spinkick that doesn’t hit much. Davis in. Daniels and Davis go at it. Lyndon and Façade do battle until Lyndon does a moonsault to the outside. Façade does a dive too. McEntyre fails on a dive. Daniels superplexes him. Lyndon dropkicks Daniels and Davis. Wagner cuts kicked right in the face. Clothesline by Davis on Wagner gets two. Daniels accidentally dropkicks Davis. Pair of roll-ups by Façade. Reverse DDT gets two. Mess up armdrag on Davis. He fails at another move. Lyndon has to break up a modified crossface. Façade drops Davis down and gets two. AAW is certainly giving him a shot. Big kick by Lyndon gets two. Chan Clan mess something up too. What a disaster. Lyndon fights the Chan Clan. Big knee on McEntyre. Man, Lyndon is the smoothest person in this match. The hell does that say? Series of chops on Davis. Acecrusher but Daniels breaks the pin. Suplex. Piledriver broken up by Façade. Gutbuster and a piledriver.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Danny Daniels/10:01/*

-What a sloppy crapfest this turned out to be. Façade needs a lot of work. They tried to do too much. Daniels gets on the microphone. The red-headed bimbo is back and she gets to talk. Her delivery is better than Tiffany at least. Daniels goes for a piledriver on the young lady, but M-Dogg 20 of all people walks out to make the save. BUT HE DOESN’T EVEN WORK… oh wait, he does. He wants an opportunity for the AAW heavyweight championship and asks Daniels to put his on the line. Daniels wants Cross to put his career on the line. Daniels hits Cross with the microphone. Is the match on? Cross gets a cover, but there’s no… hey, a referee.

M-Dogg 20 vs. Danny Daniels

Cross hits a tornado DDT. Standing shooting star press gets three?

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: M-Dogg 20/:16/N/R

-Truth Martini promo. Awesome as always as he runs the Phoenix Twins down. Raymond and Able also talk about beating the Twins as well. Great tag team. promo Valerie Malone isn’t happy because her meal tickets might be out for a year.

-Darin Corbin (w/Nikki and Ryan Cruz) vs. Krotch

Cruz immediately grabs Krotch, and Corbin hits him. Corbin charges at Krotch and does an accidental dive on Cruz. Thesz press off the top rope. Cruz rams Krotch into the steps. Corbin chokes Krotch in the corner. Corbin works Krotch over while Cruz and Nikki choke Krotch. Krotch ever so slowly comes back, but Corbin cuts the rally short. Krotch comes back and gets a Thesz press. Nikki distracts the referee. Neckbreaker and a broncobuster by Krotch. Cruz in and she gets droptoe-holed into a very uncomfortable place. Nikki distracts the referee. Acecrusher by Corbin gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Darin Corbin/5:45/*

-Not much of a match. The commentary is far more entertaining on the show so far.

-NSE continue beating up Krotch. They set him up for Nikki to slap around. MsChif walks out with a microphone. She challenges Cruz to a match.

-McChif vs. Ryan Cruz

Thesz press takes Corbin out. Nikki remains at ringside. McChif with a pair of quick roll-ups and now a submission hold. Right hand on MsChif. Some biting. Cruz misses a blind charge. Bodyscissors by MsChif into a roll-up. Long two. Cruz continues his punishment. Nikki chokes MsChif. Off the ropes into a tilt-a-whirl RIGHT ON THE HEAD. Jesus. 1-2-NO! Big boot by MsChif. Double stomp. Standing moonsault. Cruz with a belly-to-back suplex. Corbin comes back out with goggles on and a pair for MsChif. MsChif goes for code green. Cruz turns it into a backbreaker submission. Ram into the turnbuckle. On the top. Headbutt by MsChif. She hits a tornado DDT and goes for the cover. No referee as Nikki distracts him. Mist in the face, but Corbin is wearing goggles. Krotch comes back, takes out Corbin, and hits a neckbreaker on Cruz. Jig and tonic gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: MsChif/6:42/*

-Fun little comedy segment. Not much else. I assume this issue isn’t close to being over.

-Jay Bradley is doing things his way and beating people. Fairly simple concept.

-The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte) vs. Zero Gravity (Bret Gakiya and C.J. Esparza)

Double team moves on Caine. Lightning quick. Miscommunication spot leads to more offense from Gravity. Pumphandle gutbuster by Caine. Lyte in and we have a heat segment on Esparza. Some of the crowd actually chants for Hybrids. Guess they came from Iowa. Kick and a trip combo from Lyte. Nice move. Now some double team work by the Hybrids. Esparza counters out of a suplex into a roll-up. Series of counters leads to a hot tag. Gakiya goes crazy on both Hybrid members. Too fast to even call. He gets his leg caught in the ropes. That was planned… I think. Hybrids regain the advantage briefly. Running knee by Gakiya only gets two. More double team by the Hybrids. Big knee off the top rope. Tag to Esparza and Gravity uses some high impact maneuvers. Gakiya goes for a dive but gets kicked by Lyte in the stomach. Caine gets dropped by Gakiya. Esparza tosses Gakiya for an assisted moonsault. Shooting star elbow by Esparza gets three. Fun match.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Zero Gravity/11:27/**1/2

-Finally something to work with. Zero Gravity continues to improve in the ring, and I’m really excited to see what these guys can do in AAW and beyond. I hope these two can start getting some prominent bookings elsewhere because they’ve been having some really fun matches. I think CHIKARA suits them perfectly.

-Ryan Boz vs. Dan Lawrence

These two just about killed each other at the 4th anniversary show, and this is a reunion of sorts. These two also held the AAW tag team titles together. Lawrence throws everything he has at Boz inside and outside of the ring. Boz drops Lawrence butt first on the table. Boz with chops and he teases throwing Lawrence into the crowd. Nope. Quite the heel move there. Big clothesline and a running knee inside the ring. He slaps Lawrence’s head, which is perched against the ringpost. Slingshot suplex and a knee drop. Boz picks Lawrence up at two. Chokeslam position but he just tossed him over. A fan gives Lawrence some beer like Olive Oil would give Popeye spinach. Lawrence hits Boz with the beer. He dives on Boz into the steel barricade. Lawrence to the top rope and tries a crossbody. Boz driver try. Neckbreaker by Lawrence. Dropkick to the back of the head. Knee to the ass and Boz goes in shoulder first. Beck and Martini come out. Big boot by Boz as Lawrence is distracted by Truth Martini and Mason Beck. Boz driver gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Ryan Boz/6:27/*1/4

-I had this as one star until Prazak provided the line of the night. “Slap the malort. It’s over.” Kind of inside if you’re not an AAW fan, but still funny. Malort is a horrible tasting alcohol that Lawrence dares the fans drink through a special at the Eagles Club.

-Dan Lawrence challenges Beck and Martini to a “Fans Bring the Weapons Match.” And he wants five minutes with Marini if he beats Beck. The challenge is accepted.

-Phoenix Twins talk about the feud not being about titles and having a point to prove. Their best promo to date. They really brought fire.

-Chandler McClure wants to be on the 6th anniversary show, so here he is. Eric Priest, someone who used to wrestle for AAW, puts McClure in a fireman’s carry and slams him down. For long-time AAW fans, that was a nice moment. Lot of the crowd didn’t seem to know remember him. He wishes AAW a happy anniversary and leaves. This just killed time.

-AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross

In the tradition of Austin Aries, Young cuts a promo before a championship match and says Cross doesn’t deserve a shot at the championship. Young vows to destroy Cross. Young stalls before the bell even rings as yells at the fans. Feeling out process to start. Young teases a test of strength but grabs the injured hand of Cross. Cross breaks away. Good sequence as Cross hits a couple armdrags in a row. Young works over Cross’ leg. Cross kicks Young away, and Cross introduces Young to various parts of the ringside area. Colvin and Prazak make mention of Cross being straight edge. Does that make him better than us? Young hotshots Cross. Back into the corner and comes out with a snap suplex. Young comes a clubberin. Choke with the foot in the corner as the crowd starts to chanting boring. Chinlock. Shots to the gut, but Young tosses Cross to the mat by the hair. Elbows to the back. Shots to the gut, but Young responds with a forearm. Chinbreaker by Cross. Elbows and forearms. Standing moonsault. 1-2-NO! Cross gets all fired up and tries a springboard moonsault. Young deposits Cross outside handfirst into the rail. Young chokes Cross against the steel guardrail. Forearms by Cross. Young misses an elbow. Crossbody. Springboard elbow. Double clothesline and both men are down. Exchange of strikes. Scissor kick gets two for Cross. Young drives Cross into the corner. Tornado DDT. Standing shooting star press gets two. Young crawls to backstage. Cross sends Young back inside and pays for it with some shots.Blind charge misses and gets hit with a kick. Springboard double stomp. Fireman’s carry. Young rolls him up by the tights. Big kick. Backbreaker/lariat combo gets two. Battle on the top rope. Cross hits rights and lefts. Young knocked off. Young pushes the referee into the ropes. Cross falls. Springboard moonsault gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Heavyweight Champion-Silas Young/16:49/**3/4

-Fairly entertaining match. Problem is I don’t think anyone bought Cross winning the belt, and it hurt the effectiveness if you ask me. On the other hand, AAW is doing an excellent job building Young into a really solid champion though by having him beat guys like Black, Jacobs, Hollister, and Cross. In addition, you can add Colt Cabana to the list since Young pinned him at April’s Point of No Return.

-Video package. An extended one showcasing the rivalry between the House of Truth and Phoenix Twins. It runs about 8 minutes and basically tells you everything you’d need to know about why these two hate each other. Always like when indy companies have these sorts of video packages. Really adds something to a match like this. And it’ll need it.

-No Ropes Barbed Wire Match- Losing team leaves for one year: The House of Truth (Josh Raymond and Christian Able)(w/Truth Martini) vs. The Phoenix Twins (Tweek and Dash)

Since this was the same night as a number of festivities taking placed in Phoenix, AAW took the fact that most of their A level roster was down in Phoenix and made this a one match show. The company basically didn’t even cover this fact up as it was the only match promoted. All the House of Truth members are tossed from ringside to start. I love it. No interference and no shenanigans. Only adds to the epic nature of this contest. I’m the first one to say I’m not a fan of this type of match, but I’m hoping these guys aren’t as dumb as the morons in companies that don’t deserve to be mentioned in this review. Especially considering the nature of this rivalry. Neither team is in any sort of wrestling gear. Both teams stall a bit. House of Truth backs up a couple times before the Twins force the action. Good tease of the men going in and out of the wire. Slowly, each man feels the wrath of the wire. Chairs become involved. Dash gets powerbombed through the chairs. Tweek gets caught up in the wire and gets dropkicked in the face. Raymond rakes the extra wire across the back of Tweek. Dash clears the barb wire clean and nails his opponents with a dive. Wow. Dash and Able fight in the ring while Raymond and Tweek remain outside. Dash gets a chair and Valerie Malone runs out to take it away. She runs away. Able pounces Dash INTO THE WIRE! Able hits Dash while he’s prone against the wire with a chair. Tweek gets the chair and lays them out. Tweek goes for the ladder and hits Able. This… is serious. Able hits a barb wire lariat. Springboard moonsault by Raymond. Both men cover, but Tweek kicks out. Raymond has a plastic bag filled with something. THUMBTACK TIME! Raymond pokes at Tweek with one tack. Raymond grabs a spool of wire while Able gets a table. Raymond puts the spool around Tweek’s head. To the ladder for a Tower of Truth. 1-2-NO! Dash breaks it up. Crowd isn’t nearly as much into this match as they should be. Two of these guys are done if they lose. Where’s the heat? Dash wraps the barb wire around himself and attacks both Truth members. He slips on the guardrail but recovers. He and Able fight out. Able goes through the table HARD! Good gravy. Val Malone consoles Raymond. Tweek grabs Val Malone and sitdown powerbombs her. He then takes a spool of barb wire. Mason Beck and Truth Martini come out. Beck is superkicked by both twins. Raymond is drop toe-holed. Double crossface WITH THE BARB WIRE. Martini stops Raymond from tapping. Martini tosses the referee. Sweet Twin Music but Martini avoids the wire. Smart idea. Twins are ready to end it. Dash BRAINBUSTAHS RAYMOND THROUGH TWO CHAIRS! 1-2-NO! Another ladder is brought into the ring. Twins set up a table. The tacks are spread across the table as the other ladder is propped up. Oh Christ, this isn’t ending well. Raymond gets out of a double powerbomb. Able sends Tweek THROUGH THE GUARDRAIL THAT WAS PROPPED UP! Raymond has a barb wire bat. Raymond rakes Dash’s head on the tacks. Slam on the mat. Raymond climbs the ladder. Dash climbs up too. Able lurks with the bat. ABLE HITS TWEEK WITH THE BAT, AND HE GOES FLYING THROUGH THE TABLE! HOLY SHIT! 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: House of Truth/26:38/****1/2

-You’re either a fan of this match or you’re not. It’s that simple. This match is not for everyone simply because it’s quite violent and there are some spots I couldn’t be paid enough to take. Thankfully, everyone in the match seemed to be okay.

-The Phoenix Twins gets a standing ovation from the crowd as they say farewell to AAW for a year. They were the first ever wrestlers I had on Pro Wrestling Ponderings, and it was my pleasure to have them on. I only wish I had been able to watch their swan song in person to thank them. They say a few words before departing.

-House of Truth promo. Able and Raymond are a mess. They shift their focus to the AAW tag team titles.

– Northstar Express promo. Doesn’t seem appropriate considering everything that just happened in the main event. Corbin says women don’t belong in a ring, and it’s to settle this one more time. Nice callback as the Twins walk up to the NSE. Now it makes sense. They feuded for many months through 2008. NSE say Twins should be comedians. Hmm. Sounds like a plan.

-Silas Young doesn’t care who he gets put in the ring with for the AAW championship. He confronts Valerie Malone, the mother of his child and boyfriend of Josh Raymond. He brags about being the champion. Interesting to see where that goes.

Final Thoughts: AAW promoted this as a one match show, and the one thing I can say is that it delivered. I’d consider the main event a MOTYC. The rest of the card is skippable. If you are a fan of hardcore matches within proper context, I’d say give the main event a chance. Don’t be surprised if it makes my top ten list at the end of the year.


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