Scott County Showdown Review

-Taped on April 16, 2010 from Davenport, Iowa

-No announcers

-Kevin Harvey doesn’t just want to be a geek announcer. He wants to be interesting.

-The Chan Clan (Knight Wagner and Jordan McEntyre) (w/Johnny Wisdom) vs. The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte)

There appear to be Christmas lights in the background. And remember “Wrestling with Shadows?” It kinda feels like I’m literally watching wrestling in shadows. Should be a fun experience. Hybrids actually break out dual dives in front of about 20 people. Wisdom holds one of the Hybrid’s legs, and the Chan Clan get some heat. I know I have referred to the Chan Clan as jobbers in the past, but Knight Wagner in particular has shown a great deal of improvement the last few months, particularly in his mic work. Hybrids regain the offensive advantage. Lyte even hits a cutter that sends Wagner into the bottom rope. Miscommunication by Miss Eryn leads to a double-team DDT for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: The Chan Clan/6:04/*

-Wagner wants his uncle, Derek St. Holmes, to come out and interview the Chan Clan. Some trash talk about Dr. X doing St. Holmes’ dirty work. Wagner wants St. Holmes to back it up, but no dice. Wagner slaps St. Holmes and makes a match for the next Quad Cities show. Dr. X  versus Knight Wagner. If Wagner wins, X unmasks. If X wins, St. Holmes gets to take Wagner over his knee and spank him.

-Ryne Kensei vs. Marcus Crane

Crane is a low rent Sami Callihan who screams a lot as well as a pseudo Joker with the make-up. Kensei is your typical high-flying babyface. Crane is the heel and tries to put a smile on Kensei’s face. Series of pinfalls by Kensei can’t get the job. Crane hits a water slide for two. Kensei comes from out of nowhere to get a flash pin.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Ryne Kensei/3:50/1/2*

-AAW champion Silas Young comes out with a hat for a random drawing. What is this? An A double L double? Indeed. Young draws a random name, and somehow it’s even worse than Grizzly Redwood or Alex Payne.

-AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. Ryne Kensei

Kinsei just won a match and is even holding the back of his neck to signify he’s hurt. I don’t recall Crane even doing that much work on the neck. Young of course dominates most of the match and does a lot of trash-talking in the process. A few flashes of brilliance don’t really go anywhere. Backbreaker/clothesline combination ends Kinsei’s night.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Champion- Silas Young/2:09/1/4*

-Kevin Harvey and his new snarky attitude are out to have a chat with the champion. Harvey draws another name from the hat. And it’s Ryne Kinsei. Another name. Ryne Kinsei. At least Silas Young stuffed the ballot. Harvey has a hat of his own with names in it. Brett Gakiya is the name drawn, so this should be a little better than the previous title defense.

-AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. Brett Gakiya

Gakiya is actually capable of generating sustained offense, and he does to start the match. A quick start with a number of kicks. Hurancanrana gets a long two count by Gakiya. Series of kicks. Duck of the clothesline and an elbow. Quick roll-up gets two. Young escapes as Gakiya dives after him. Young gets the offensive advantage outside the ring. He sends Gakiya into the side of the ring and apron. Young takes too much time getting in the ring, so Gakiya headbutts him. Suplex attempt countered. Young springboards in but misses. Gakiya drives two knees into the midsection. To the top rope. He comes off. Eventually Gakiya dropkicks Young. Young is caught in the ropes for a second but manages to hit a stiff lariat. Shots by Gakiya. Backbreaker by Young and he holds it. Cover for two. Forearm by Young. Gakiya comes back with kicks. Young misses a dropkick. Gakiya with a roll-up for two. Left hands by Gakiya. Young catches him in a gutbuster. Another two count. Modified chinlock but Gakiya won’t die. Sleeper by Young. Gakiya gets his arm up on the third try. Young desperately tries to maintain the hold but gets hit with an acecrusher. Back drop by Young. Slap to the face. Gakiya with a kick. Young deadlifts him, but Gakiya counters with a reverse DDT. Gakiya comes off with a second rope crossbody.Young comes back with shots. Outside the ring. Young tries to suplex him back in. Gakiya counters with a missile dropkick. Springboard moonsault. To the top again. Young forearms in and lays in a chop. Young tries a superplex. Gakiya hits a sunset bomb and rolls through for two. Gaikya misses a big splash. Roll-up by Young for two. Gakiya misses a back fist but hits a spin kick. Small package for two. Young catches him for a backbreaker/clothesline combo to get the three count. Fun match.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Champion- Silas Young/11:39/***1/4

-Although Gakiya isn’t someone who can realistically win the title at this stage in his career, this was an extremely enjoyable match. Silas Young is so underrated, it’s not even funny. He made a nothing match into something worthwhile.

-Dr. X vs. Jason Dukes

Duke is either a fat Greg Valentine or a svelte Buddy Rose depending on your point of view. Bell rings. Knight Wagner walks out immediately and he thinks he knows who Dr. X is. No idea what he’s talking about. Chan Clan walks about the ring as Dr. X takes controls with his 1980s offense. Come on. He goes for a cover after a shoulder tackle. Not too much fatboy offense from Dukes unfortunately. Crowd calls Dukes Free Willy. Amazing how that joke has outlasted the movie. Chan Clan claps for X. After a two count, the Chan Clan mocks the fans who chant 1-2-3 at all the Quad Cities shows. Awesome. Dukes puts on some horrific-looking submission hold. Kind of a headlock, but it’s buried in his fat. X with the TITTY TWISTER OF DOOM! More 1980s offense by X. Dukes has a foreign object in his tights, but he misses with it. Chan Clan provides a distraction as Wagner brings a chain in the ring. He nails Dukes right in the face. X clotheslines Wagner out and gets the cover for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Dr. X/6:19/*

-X is an old school type wrestler, and the implication by the Chan Clan is that X is really Derek St. Holmes. I don’t see it personally, but I’m just a mark. Pretty blah match that only served to forward the angle between Knight and St. Holmes… I mean Dr. X.

-Christian Able (w/Josh Raymond and Val Malone) vs. Jimmy Jacobs (AAW Tag Team Champion)

This should be a really good match. Feeling out process leads to a heavy shoulder tackle by Able. YEAH! Headlock by Jacobs. Shoulder tackle doesn’t work out so well for Jacobs. Punch doesn’t either. Another shoulder tackle fails. Jacobs pokes Able in the eye. Flying shoulder tackle gets the job done. Able goes out to commiserate with the other House of Truth members. Back inside and Able with series of shots. Bodyslam. Jacobs gets back up as Able celebrates. Punches and a headbutt. Jacobs rams Able’s head into each turnbuckle. Jacobs tries a crucifix but Able gets a knee lift. Jacobs works his way into a spinning headscissors. Kicks to the midsection in the corner. Running dropkick as Able lays in the corner. Raymond tries to get the crowd behind Able. Doesn’t work. Thumb to the eye and an elbow by Able. Punch to the midsection. Able tries a Death Valley Driver, but Jacobs counters out. Contra code attempt, but Able flees. Jacobs tries to suplex Able in the ring. Both men on the apron. Jacobs misses a charge and crumples to the floor. Able with punches as Jacobs is sitting in a chair. He leaps off the apron and gets punched in the midsection. Jacobs with a rake to the eyes. Then he misses a dive of his own. Able brings him back in the ring. Series of punches. Chinlock. Able gets a short clothesline for two. Choke against the ropes. Val and Raymond join on the fun. Jacobs chases after Val. Able catches him. Able sends Jacobs’ head into the side of the ring. Back and forth with punches. Jacobs into the turnbuckle. No sell. Again. No sell. Jacobs rams his own head into the buckle and makes a comeback. Clothesline and a kick to the midsection. Neckbreaker for two. Series of punches. Off the ropes. Val trips Jacobs. Able gets a POUNCE! 1-2-foot on the ropes. Choke against the ropes. Able misses a dive. Jacobs crotches him. He sets Able between the rope and mat. Legdrop for two. End time on Able. Turned into a Death Valley Driver. 1-2-NO! Able goes outside and hits a springboard DDT. Jacobs out at one. He emos up. Punches don’t work. Jacobs with a flying shoulder tackle for two. Kick. Another contra code try. Able sends Jacobs into the buckle. Right hand. Able with a chop. Jacobs leaps off the second rope and hits a cutter. Val Malone gets on the apron. Raymond crotches Jacobs on the ropes. Able hits a modified Regalplex for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Christian Able/14:19/***

-Truth beats up Jacobs up until the other half of the tag team champions, Tyler Black tries to make the save. Raymond and Able hit their double team powerbomb. Things don’t look good for Black in the main event. Decent little match as Able showed some real nice moves in a rare singles match With Jimmy Jacobs, you almost know what to expect, but he’s quite good as a babyface or heel.

-CJ Esparza vs. Trik Davis

Now we get to find out if Esparza is as good as his Zero Gravity tag team partner. Esparza controls the arm to start. Along the ropes and Esparza just kicks him. Not nice. Back and forth. Esparza uses his quickness to maintain control. Off the apron with a dive on Davis. Back in where Davis takes control by pushing the referee against the ropes as Esparza is ready to fly again. Foot on the groin. Yeeouch.Headbutt. Davis goes back and forth with the crowd. Esparza with forearms. Davis takes him down again. Esparza tries a German suplex. Esparza misses a splash. Davis with a double stomp and running knee for a two count. Esparza blocks a fist and hits an enziguri. Gutbuster. Standing corkscrew splash for two. Running clothesline and TKO for two. Davis puts Esparza in the tree of Joey Lawrence. Esparza suplexes him off the top and gets a swanton for three

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: CJ Esparza/7:31/**

-An alright match that showcased Esparza pretty well.

-Scarlet cuts a promo about being the newest graduate of the AAW training school. She calls Shane Hollister a friend and says he recently broke his leg. Hollister will be out for about six months, so no match against Danny Daniels. Daniels offers to have a match with Scarlet  instead. Krotch comes down for the save. He sees if the mic is working by banging it against his groin. Good line about Daniels wanting to wrestle women because he’s a bitch. He challenges Daniels to a match. Daniels accepts.

-Krotch (w/Scarlet) vs. Danny Daniels

Daniels slaps Krotch in the corner. Krotch says he slaps like a bitch. See, why anger the man like that? Daniels with a headlock. Krotch humps away. Out of the hold into an armdrag. Leads to more humping. Drop toehold into a front facelock. Daniels with a punch. Another in the corner. Headbutt. Chop. Bodyslam. Daniels misses a standing senton. Krotch with a right hand. Off the ropes into sitting press. Ten punches in the corner. Daniels tries an atomic drop. Krotch comes off the ropes, but Daniels with a spinebuster. Daniels deposits Krotch outside the ring and slams him on the hard floor. He wants to know who the man is. Vader? Daniels goes for a cover. Chinlock while Scarlet tries to get the crowd into things. Irish whip. Reverse elbow. Daniels threatens the referee. Slaps to the face. Irish whip and Krotch gets a neckbreaker. Series of right hands by Krotch. Hard back suplex Daniels. Chop in the corner. Krotch sends Daniels’ head into the middle turnbuckle. Bronco buster. Dropkick. Kick to the midsection. Daniels tosses him down. Piledriver attempt but Krotch sends him in the corner. Daniels is crotched into the ring post. Springboard splash gets two. Daniels tosses Krotch on his butt. Piledriver. 1-2-Daniels lifts him up. To the outside where Scarlet tries to help Krotch. Daniels pushes the referee. Scarlet gets into it with Daniels, so he goes after her. Serves her right. Into the ring. Referee is usesless to help her. Krotch isn’t as he rolls Daniels up for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:Krotch/9:57/*1/2

-Daniels sends the referee flying as well as Krotch. Piledriver on Scarlet. Seen it done before and it wasn’t very useful then either. Not much of a point to Krotch winning on such a fluke if Daniels is just going to beat him and everyone else down.

-Tyler Black (AAW Tag Team Champion) vs. Josh Raymond (w/Val Malone and Christian Able)

Black is pretty much the hometown boy in this match with the show being held in Iowa. Raymond remains outside the ring before the bell rings. Bell rings when Raymond is inside the ring, but he immediately goes outside to call a female fan a tramp. Awesome. Lock-up. Raymond breaks it up and immediately yells, “YEAH!” Happens again. Black with a roll-up for two. Black shoves Raymond and another bail job. Kick to the gut by Raymond. Front facelock. Black counters the arm and then applies a side headlock. Irish whip and a shoulder tackle by Black. He mocks Raymond and grabs a headlock. Raymond tries to work out of it but no dice. Irish whip but Raymond goes outside once more. Lock-up and Black back to the side headlock. Raymond cheats to win and punches away. Choke in the corner. Black misses a dropkick off the ropes. After a two count, Black gets a big bodyslam. Stomp into the chest. Raymond walks back to the dressing room, so Black has to bring him back the hard way. Raymond misses an elbow drop. Irish whip in the corner. Black gets all fired up, but Able grabs the leg. Black goes into the post shoulder first. YEAH! Raymond goes to work on the shoulder. Armbar. Hey hey! Psychology! He works the arm along the ropes and applies another arm lock maneuver. Shoulder DDT for two. Back to the armbar. Black has no choice but to go to the ropes. Ram into the mat shoulder first. Raymond gets a sunset flip for two and goes back to the arm. Black rams him back into the turnbuckle. Raymond lifts two boots up. Atomic drop as Raymond comes off the top rope. Black hits a baseball slide dropkick on the H.o.T instead of diving. Least he’s smart enough to know what to do. Springboard clothesline ducked. Hip toss over and out, then over and in. Tree of woe. Hanging dropkick. O’Connor roll attempt doesn’t work. Raymond hooks the shoulder and puts his feet on the ropes for two. Black goes for a buckle bomb. Raymond ranas him into the middle turnbuckle and comes off the ropes with a lungblower. Modified crossface. Black gets the F-5. Both men are down. Punch exchange. Black misses the pele kick. Raymond springboards but eats knees to the midsection. Black gets all fired up and hits a running forearm. Quebrada but Black has to hesitate before covering because of the shoulder. Black heads upstairs. Able goes after his leg, but Jacobs pulls Able down. Black hits a sunset bucklebomb. Superkick gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Tyler Black/18:12/***

-Prety well-worked main event I thought. I think if Black had sold the shoulder a little better, I would have given an even better rating. Still, solid work from both men. They wrestled a slower-paced match than is typical for an indy main event, but it was smarter to do this considering the level of show they were at. Age of the Fall hits the 3-D of all moves on each member of House of Truth.

-The Hybrids fire Miss Eryn. The Chan Clan try to hire her. McEntyre superkicks her down after she throws water in Wagner’s face.

Final Thoughts: Certainly not an A show by any means, but three of the main matches delivered. There’s another show as part of the two disks, so I’ll give a thumbs up or down in my “Epic” review. As things stand I’d give this a minor thumbs down because nothing was offensive but nothing was outstanding either.


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