Point of No Return 2010 Review

AAW follows its anniversary show with a great event!

-Taped from Berwyn, Illinois

-Your hosts are Phil Colvin and Derek St. Holmes

-Truth Martini brags about House of Truth defeating the Phoenix Twins the previous month to send them out of the company for a year and turns the discussion over to Dan Lawrence. Big match against Mason Beck later on in the evening.

-Trik Davis vs. Danny Daniels

Daniels and Davis had a lover’s quarrel, so they’re feuding now. Daniels talks some trash to explain the break-up with Davis. Hollister comes out to remind everyone he’s still alive. The red head is also out. Scarlet Bordeaux would be her name. Means I can’t refer to her as the red-haired bimbo anymore. 😦 Daniels beats up the injured Hollister. Davis hits a baseball slide dropkick on Daniels. Double knees and a series of kicks. Face first goes Daniels. Acecrusher but Daniels hits a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster. Daniels throws Davis outside. Daniels harasses Hollister some more. He tosses Davis into the guardrails. Back in the ring. Daniels misses a blind charge, but he manages a dropkick. Impressive. He calls for the piledriver. Davis counters out. Superkick is caught, but a DDT is executed instead. Snapmare by Daniels. Belly-to-back suplex. Daniels goes after Hollister once again. Hollister hits Daniels with the crutch. Davis hits an acecrusher for the three count.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Trik Davis/4:21/*

-Nothing too much to be said here. Davis gets a measure of revenge, and the issue with Daniels and Hollister is kept simmering despite the injury.

-Silas Young makes it clear it’s not about excuses. He also makes it clear that he’s with Irish Airborne because they can all benefit each other’s career. Airborne makes reference to having their asses kicked by Age of the Fall three years ago. Glad that was referenced, even if it was something that happened in Ring of Honor. Kevin Harvey walks in and acts like a douchebag. Young drew a name out of a hat the night before. Harvey brings some names out for Young to draw. The name is Colt Cabana. Already better than the A double L double at least.

-Knight Wagner (w/Jordan Mcentyre and Johnny Wisdom) vs. Jason Dukes

Dukes looks like a fat Greg Valentine or a thin Buddy Rose, depending on your point of view. Not too much of a match. Wisdom and Mcentyre get involved. Dukes nearly fights off all three members of the Chan Clan off. He misses an awfully fat splash. Wisdom’s interference continues to fail miserably. Dukes stretches him and executes a move that sends Wagner down sternum first. Moonsault misses. Wagner hits a samoan drop for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Knight Wagner/5:04/1/2*

-If you had skipped this match, you would have missed absolutely nothing.

-Wagner wants his uncle, Derek St. Holmes, in the booth to conduct an interview. St. Holmes and Wagner had a feud going through the Davenport shows, but I guess they’re bringing their feud to the A building. St. Holmes calls the Berwyn Eagles a demented flea market because of the upcoming match. St. Holmes and Wagner go back and forth, making innuendos and whatnot. St. Holmes once again vows not to fight his nephew. Wagner says his uncle is afraid. St. Holmes takes his jacket off. This … is serious. St. Holmes says “Not here” and walks out. Wagner turns his attention to Jordan Mcentyre. Mcentyre calls Colt Cabana out for a match. Cabana accepts the challenge and says he’ll give Mcentyre the title shot if he loses. If Cabana wins, Mcentyre has to say he’s a wiener.

-Colt Cabana vs. Jordan Mcentyre (w/Knight Wagner and Johnny Wisdom)

I expect the magic words to be coming out of Mcentyre’s mouth. Cabana dominates Mcentyre to start. Just makes the guy look like a fool. Poor Jordan. Cabana quickly hooks Billy Goat’s curse for the submission.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Colt Cabana/3:48/1/4*

-It’s time for the stipulation to be lived up to. Cabana wants Mcentyre to say it. Mcentyre says it, but Cabana shoves a hot dog bun down his throat anyway.

-Krotch doesn’t like to get mad, but he likes getting even.

-Kevin Harvey is in the ring with two geeks. I smell an angle. Harvey mocks them, thus earning my respect. Ryan Boz indeed, the man who piledrove Harvey on the floor a few months ago, comes out. He takes out the two geeks. Harvey pleads for his life. Boz says he can kick anyone’s ass. Harvey brings out a laundry list of names ending with Jay Bradley. Uh oh. Here he comes.

-Jay Bradley vs. Ryan Boz

Won’t be much wrestling here. Oh wow. They exchange wristlocks. Knee strikes by Bradley and a forearm to the back. Knees to the back of the head. Running forearm and running boot. Bradley tries to hit a move off the top, but Boz catches him. Boz driver doesn’t work. Bradley tries coming off the ropes again. Doesn’t work. He eats knees. Boz rams Bradley into the turnbuckle. They be a clubbering now. Boot by Boz and Bradley goes outside. They brawl on the outside. Boz sends Bradley into the rail. Big shots by Bradley. Chop by Boz. He misses the next one and hits his arm against the post. Referee P.J. Drummond checks on Boz’ arm. Match continues. Not very long. LARIAT! 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Jay Bradley/4:34/*

-Served its purpose. I don’t believe Bradley has lost a match since November. Hopefully a title shot is in his future.

-The Northstar Express (Darrin Corbin and Ryan Cruz w/Nikki Mayday) vs. KrotchMsChif (Matt “Krotch” Mayday and MsChif)

Krotch and Corbin start. Corbin misses a punch. Krotch slaps him and then humps him. Armdrag into more humping. I thought he’d grow out of it. Guess we’ll have to neuter the guy. Northstar Express takes control of the match. Cruz hits a European uppercut. Krotch gets a roll-up and skull fucks him. MsChif knees Cruz in the gut and uses an armdrag. Armbar. Cruz grabs the hair and punches her in the stomach. Corbin wants to come off the top, but he gets scared by MsChif’s scream. Double team by MsChif and Krotch. Standing moonsault gets two for MsChif. Cruz pulls Krotch out while McChif stretches Nikki out. Corbin nails her in the back. Heat segment on McChif. Corbin gets into it with members of the crowd. Hilarious. MsChif with a back fist to Corbin. Hot tag made. Krotch punches away at Cruz. Irish whip into a one-footed dropkick. Reverse facebuster gets two for Krotch. Slice bread attempt is turned into an atomic drop. Krotch manages to get the tag in on MsChif. All four people get tangled up in ropes in a submission hold. Backbreaker by Cruz on MsChif ends the shenanigans. Krotch distracts Corbin so they can’t execute Cruz control. MsChif rams Cruz to the mat on his head. Corbin breaks the count and punches MsChif in the face. Krotch saves his partner… with a sausage. Broncobuster. Cruz distracts the referee. Corbin goes for the low blow, but Krotch grabs the leg. Nikki Mayday gets it instead. Corbin and Nikki embrace. MsChif applies a modified facebuster for two. Off the ropes and MsChif rolls through in an Indian deadlock. Corbin is tapping, but the referee is distracted. Cannon runs in and hits an exploder on MsChif. Corbin cover and gets the win.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: The Northstar Express/10:32/**1/2

-MsChif wrestling the men is quite fun. As I’ve said in previous reviews, intergender wrestling is becoming more accepted in American indies. I think AAW is doing a tremendous job because not only is MsChif wrestling, she’s involved in a full blown angle. Decent little match too. Very basic but easy to watch.

-Dan Lawrence goes outside the Eagles Club to see what kind of weapons the fans have brought. He also gets drunk… or is drunk.

-Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Dan Lawrence vs. Mason Beck (w/Truth Martini)

Lawrence and Truth Martini have a feud that literally goes back to the very beginnings of AAW. Beck and Lawrence met at the anniversary show where Beck won. There was actually one rule with the weapons, no glass. Good decision by AAW and Berwyn Eagles. Lots of weapon shots as you might expect. This match is all in good fun for the most part. We’ve got hockey sticks, mailboxes, CPUs, kendo sticks, lamps, a defense sign like you might see during a football game, and numerous other toys around ringside. No huge shots to the head or a lot of brutal weapons that made me cringe. Not to completely undermine what happened or to say there isn’t danger to a match like this. The interesting aspect of the match is Beck never seems comfortable using all of the numerous weapons, and Lawrence is ready for a fight. In the second half of the match, the crowd continues calling for the chicken. All I’ll say about this crowd is they certainly exhibit a great deal of passion for what they want to see. Martini’s interference goes awry multiple times as he tries to help his man. Lawrence actually uses the chicken and hits a swinging DDT for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Dan Lawrence/18:21/***1/4

-You either love the match or you hate it. I really enjoyed the match because it kept the fans involved and did end up with a logical conclusion. My advice to everyone involved would be to avoid using poultry next time. Also, I learned a lot about salmonella from one Derek St. Holmes. Who says wrestling isn’t educational?

-As per the stipulation of the match, Lawrence gets five minutes with Truth Martini. Martini makes a piece offering with a bottle of booze. They shake hands. Martini tries to nail Lawrence in the head, but he gets a bottle to the head. Wonder if that’s his first time. Lawrence grabs a table and places Martini on top of it. At the last second, Beck saves his manager but gets put through the table himself. The two heels are helped to the back while Lawrence triumphantly leaves with his head held high.

-Guess you could say Dan Lawrence chickened his way out of this match.

-AAW Heritage Championship: Arik Cannon (w/Dave Prazak)(champion) vs. Louis Lyndon

Basic back and forth to start. Thankfully there was intermission after the last match. Lyndon quickly loses the afro but manages an armdrag. He misses a dropkick. Cannon flips him over. Lyndon headbutts him in the midsection. He stands on the back momentarily and dropkicks him out. He dives but misses. Still lands on his feet. Cannon kicks him in the chest and sends him into the guardrail. Chop. Back inside where Cannon chokes away. Dropkick to the back of the head. Kick to the ribs and a vertical suplex. Cannon chop in the corner. Lyndon hits a back elbow. Roll-up gets two. Irish whip. Lyndon jumps over one right hand but gets hit with a second one. Slingshot neckbreaker by Cannon. 1-2-NO! Snapmare into a chinlock. Lyndon gets out and counters an exploder into an armdrag. Cannon on the floor. Lyndon to the top. Cannon pushes him off. Lyndon goes back to the well and hits a springboard moonsault. Palm strikes to the chest. Cannon follows him on an Irish whip and hits a clothesline. Cannon elbows him. Jumping kick and a dragon suplex by Lyndon. Palm strike misses. Backdrop driver by Cannon. Glimmering Warlock. 1-2-3.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Heritage Champion- Arik Cannon/7:50/**3/4

-Good to see Lyndon have a solid outing on one of these AAW shows. I guess with no Flip there, Lyndon received an even greater opportunity to work with a guy who’s an AAW mainstay. I thought he made a good impression as a singles wrestlers. Minimal sloppiness and good balance led to a solid outing. Cannon continues to be one of the most underrated wrestlers going today.

-Jay Bradley wants a shot at the heavyweight title. Considering he hasn’t lost in months, I’d say he’s deserving.

-Zero Gravity (Bret Gakiya and C.J. Esparza) vs. The House of Truth (Josh Raymond and Christian Able w/Truth Martini and Val Malone)

House of Truth goes after Zero Gravity before the match even starts. Immediately, they work over Gakiya. Gakiya tags in his partner and hits a reverse elbow. Double team work by Zero Gravity. Esparza hits a twisting elbowdrop. Raymond hits a neckbreaker. Able tags in. Drop toehold by Esparza. Gravity tries to Irish whip, but Able holds. Double dropkick to the knee. Double team on Raymond when he tries to come in. Able chops away at Gakiya. Springboard crossbody gets two for Gakiya. Series of kicks. Able spinebusters him. Raymond elbows him. Gakiya with armdrag. Armbar. Raymond pulls him back in the corner. Gakiya boots both members of the HoT. Val grabs the leg as Able tosses Gakiya face first into the top turnbuckle. Heat segment on Gakiya continues. Esparza eventually gets the hot tag and uses some crisp offense to take advantage. Able tries tossing Esparza just as he did Gakiya, but that doesn’t work. All four men in the ring. Able pounces Esparza. Both HoT members lift Zero Gravity up. They are tossed into each other. Heat segment on Esparza now. This match is getting an awful lot of time. Esparza’s efforts to fight are turned back for a good five or six minutes. What I think the real strength of HoT has become is making the heat segments interesting. They vary their offense and come up with some twists, so it’s not something you can fast forward through and not miss anything. They manage to stay heel despite their cool looking office because of their personality and the fact that Truth Martini might be the most annoying person in the history of the planet. Double team powerbomb misses. Esparza dropkicks Able in the butt. Gakiya dropkicks Raymond. He sends Able into his partner. Roll-up on Able gets two. Crucifix bomb gets two as well. Raymond breaks the count. Raymond hits a springboard facebuster. Alabama slam by Able on Esparza. Double 3-D gets two for HoT. Able sets up for the tower of truth. Esparza gets out of it. Raymond threatens top powerbomb into the crowd. Esparza turns it into a sunset flip for two. Esparza gets another roll-up for two. Able tries a powerbomb, but Esparza headscissors him out. Enziguri into a backslide for two. Gakiya hits a hurancanrana on the outside. Leg lariat as Raymond tries coming back in the ring. Senton by Esparza gets another two count. Able catches Gakiya and sends him out. Esparza hits a facebuster on Able on to his partner. Double kicks. Esparza assists his partner on a moonsault and then hits a shooting star elbow.1-2-NO! Martini pulls the referee out and punches him down on the floor. Referee uses his discretion and disqualifies the House of Truth.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Zero Gravity/18:04/***1/2

-Not a big fan of a disqualification in this company based on their motto. There were a couple positives. It builds to a later rematch where Gravity can finally get the big win. They also had the visual pinfall. Plus, there were repercussions felt as Truth Martini would be suspended for the next month’s show based on his reactions. All I ask is this stuff makes sense. In this case, it does.

-Black and Jacobs might be the tag team champions, but they’ve got their mind on the heavyweight title. Also, someone needs to fire the art school editor who made the promos look all wacky. This is what happens when you permit creativity.

-AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. Colt Cabana

Silas Young is such an awesome bad guy even with “Don’t Stop Believin” as his entrance theme. That’s quality heel work. Crowd despises the ground Young walks on, and they love Cabana. Hijinks to start. Crowd continues getting on Young’s case. Champion goes outside to regroup. Knee to the gut and a shot to the back. Big right hand and a whip into the corner. Cabana gets a headscissors in the corner. Young heads outside once again. Side headlock by Cabana. Off the ropes. Cabana takes control and gets a roll-up for two. Young quickly fires back and rakes the eyes. Chinlock. Knee in the back interspersed with some headbutts. Cabana works his out of the hold. Two feet in the back of Young by Cabana. Young tries to apply the Billy Goat’s curse, but Cabana goes to the ropes. In and out of the ring. Cabana misdirects Young and uses some strikes on the floor. Young kicks the rope. Shots to the back. Cabana backslide. Knee to the midsection by Young. Gutbuster. Kick to the chest. Battle over a vertical suplex. Young charges but eats boot. Cabana can’t maintain the advantage. Knee to the midsection by Young. Young applies a submission hold focusing on the midsection. Cabana punches Young and rams his head first into the turnbuckle. Outside goes Young. Cabana dropkicks him. Cabana uses the sausage on Young. He gets slightly x-rated outside the ring with the sausage. Cabana hits a crossbody for two. More right hands by Cabana. Cabana hits a flying apple for two. Colt 45 but Young sends him into the corner. Sunset flip gets two. Young kicks Cabana in the back a number of times in order to get out of the Billy Goat’s curse. Springboard moonsault attempt fails. He works through it with the backbreaker/clothesline combination. Young slaps Cabana but ends being kicked in the face. Right hands by Cabana. Young rolls through again. Cabana sends Young into the corner. Bionic elbow. Billy Goat’s curse. He shifts him to the center of the ring. Young crawls to the ropes. Cabana tries pulling Young out of the corner, but the champion gets a messed up roll-up. Referee counts three to awkwardly end this match.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Heavyweight Champion-Silas Young/16:04/***1/2

-I honestly think this was the best match I’ve seen involving Colt Cabana since he came back to independent wrestling last winter. Keep in mind, I watched this match before the street fight involving Cabana and Generico against Steen and Corino from Better Friends, Stiffer Enemies II. Despite the botched ending, I dug this match a lot. Good back and forth action and everything made sense. No complaints.

-AAW Tag Team Championship: Age of the Fall (Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs)(champions) vs. Irish Airbourne (Jake and Dave Crist)

I’d say this is one of the most important match I’ve ever seen Airborne in. If they can’t deliver a good performance here against Age of the Fall, they might as well call it a career. Age of the Fall charges into the ring. Big brawl to start as the bell rings. Airborne doesn’t seem all too fazed. Black and Jacobs eventually begin beating on the challengers. Double team work on both Crist brothers. Things settle down. Black slams Jake and hit a foot stomp. Jake screeches to the corner to no avail. Double stomp as Jacobs tags into the match. Punches but Dave guillotines Jacobs across the neck. Crist brothers work over Jacobs. Airborne came to play because they look awfully good here. Jake locks Jacobs in a half crab. Such a great spot because Jacobs does a tremendous job teasing his journey toward a hot tag. As impressed as I was with HoT’s heat segments, Airborne’s might have been even better. Jacobs gets all fired up and tags Black. Punches and clothesline for EVERYONE! Black sends Dave into his brother on a backdrop. He crotches Dave and pele kicks him. Big dive on Jake. Black springboard clotheslines Dave. Fireman’s carry. Jacobs spears Jake all the way outside. Black hits an F5. 1-2-NO! Bucklebomb. Superkick… no. Turned into a single crab. Jacobs hooks end time. Backcracker by Jake. Quite the sequence there. Reverse elbow by Jake. Black comes back with a dropkick. He gets all fired up and hits a running forearm. Jake is placed on the top rope. Black’s rana attempt is blocked. Dave dropkicks Black in the face. Double team double stomp. Jake covers. 1-2-NO! Airborne goes for the spike piledriver. Jacobs bails his partner out. Black tries a pieldriver bit gets rolled up. Jacobs hits a spear. Black with a superkick. Dave dropkicks Jacobs in the cover so the count must be broken. All four men are down. Pele misses for Black. Jake hits a midlevel DDT. Jacobs End Time. Jake tosses him. Jacobs hits a flying acecrusher. Contra code. Airborne hit a double stomp/backbreaker combination. 1-2-NO! Airborne set Jacobs up in the corner. Black pele kicks Jake. He climbs to the top, but Dave stops him. Black has to battle both members of Airborne. Jacobs climbs up as well. This isn’t going to end well. Black and Jake each fall off. Jacobs manages a super contra code. Silas Young runs in with a big belt shot. Jake goes for the cover but only gets two. Superkick and God’s Last Gift by Black. 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Tag Team Champions- Age of the Fall/15:44/***1/2

-Young beats up Black after the match is over. Jacobs makes the save for his partner using the belt. Black and Jacobs both go for the AAW heavyweight title belt. Tension is teased, but things appear okay… for now.

-This was probably one of the best matches I’ve ever seen involving Irish Airborne. They came to play and are so much better as heels. They’re a million times better as heels, and anyone who thought they sucked in Ring of Honor should give this duo a fresh look. I hope they are considered for a run with the AAW tag titles in the future.

-Jay Bradley finds Silas Young and wants his title match. Strangely, he’s once again talking with ex-flame Valerie Malone. Hmm. Bradley calls Young a pussy and threatens to kick his ass. Young looks into the camera and says “not a chance.” Awesome little moment there.

-Dave Prazak, The Northstar Express, and Arik Cannon cut a promo. Each and every one of these men is PLASTERED. Everyone is going on vacation… except poor Ryan Cruz.

Final Thoughts: I’d say everything up to the Fans Bring the Weapons Match is skippable. Everything afterward is well worth checking out. Major thumbs up for this show. I’d say this was the best show since Chaos Theory back in January.


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