Appetite for Destruction Review

I have an appetite for a great main event!

-Taped from Berwyn, Illinois

-Your hosts are Phil Colvin and Derek St. Holmes

-Replay of the promo where Prazak, Cannon, and The Northstar Express are completely drunk off their rocker. Guess we get to see Ryan Cruz in singles action tonight.

-Louis Lyndon vs. Danny Duggan vs. Mason Beck vs. Krotch (w/Scarlett Bordeaux)

This is what happens when you have four extra guys on the card and no major feuds. I believe Duggan is making his debut for the company and looks like a jacked up Jon Moxley. Lyndon and Duggan get things off to a good start. Duggan sends Lyndon outside. Krotch in next. Headscissors on Duggan. Ryan Cruz jumps in the booth and talks trash about Krotch as the action continues. Krotch goes over Beck. He’s not very bright. ROCK BOTTOM hit by Duggan. Beck continues the beatdown. He knocks Lyndon off the apron to assert his dominance. Duggan makes friends with Beck, proving he’s at least intelligent enough to make friends with the biggest man in the match. Duggan taunts Scarlett. She responds with a slap. Krotch hits a dropkick and fires away at Duggan. Fisherman’s buster and double knees. Beck turns on his buddy with a spinebuster. Lyndon fires away on the enormous Beck next. O’Connor roll doesn’t work. Pair of flip kicks. Beck catches a crossbody. Krotch leaps and gets caught. Double fallaway slam on both Krotch and Lyndon. That was impressive. Beck eats a double dropkick. Cruz leaves the broadcast position. Krotch dives on Beck. Cruz comes to ringside. Krotch chases after him. Slap by Lyndon on Duggan. Moonsault. 1-2-3!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Louis Lyndon/8:08/**

-I had really low expectations for this match, but these four delivered an okay match. I’d love to see Duggan in AAW a bit more because he showed something in spots. Lyndon continues to get better, and I expect him to be a regular in AAW as a singles wrestler based on the last two showings.

-Zero Gravity interview. They think they should get a tag team title shot in the near future. Irish Airborne feels they should get a title match on this night. House of Truth runs down to beat up Zero Gravity. Age of the Fall come out to help Zero Gravity. This naturally sets up the eight man tag main event for later on. I’d say this is an excellent way to introduce Zero Gravity to main events without having the pressure all on them to deliver.

Naveah cut a terrible promo at a CHIKARA show in 2009. She cuts another one here. Hey, Neaveah spelled backwards is heaven. I get it.

-Ryan Cruz vs. Chris Hall

I believe this is the first time I’ve seen Cruz wrestle a singles match since Young Lions Cup in August. Hall is a rather large individual. I’d say a bigger Danny Daniels. He’s about 315 and clubbers away at Cruz. Irish whip into the corner and a shoulder tackle. Hall press slams Cruz into his knee. Not sure about the dynamic involved with Hall as the babyface. Cruz hits a low blow and comes off the top rope with a legdrop for the pin. Quick win for Cruz.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Ryan Cruz/2:54/1/4*

-An absolute nothing match. No offense to Cruz, but if you buy this DVD, skip it.

-Kevin Harvey interviews Danny Daniels and Ryan Boz. He brings up Boz’ injury and losing streak. Daniels vows revenge on Davis and kicks Harvey out.

-Naveah vs. MsChif

This is the first straight women’s match in three years for AAW. MsChif has actually been wrestling a lot of men lately, so this is actually a change of pace for her. Crowd isn’t into these two wrestling. Should have kept McChif in intergender action. The two ladies keep things basic to start. MsChif grabs a waistlock. Neveah hits a northern lights suplex. Snapmares and a perfect neckbreaker. Running clothesline gets two. Back to the front facelock. Knee to the midsection gets two. MsChif gets a roll-up for two. Kicks by Naveah by two. Naveah chokes MsChif on the bottom rope. Strikes in the corner. Chinlock. Neveah takes MsChif down by the hair on the back of her head. Kick to the midsection. MsChif turns a bodyslam into a neckbreaker. Knee to the midsection. She rams her down to the mat. Standing moonsault gets two. Uranagi by Neveah gets two. Neveah goes to the top. MsChif joins her. Modified angle slam off the top gets two. Neveah hits a German suplex for two. MsChif hits a code green DDT for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: MsChif/8:33/**1/4

-This was definitely better than any women’s match in either WWE or TNA this year. Crowd wasn’t into this at all which is unfortunate. I don’t think people took Neveah seriously as a threat, but it was technically solid and easy to watch.

-Danny Daniels vs. Trik Davis

-This is a rematch from last month. I expect Daniels to take this match and set up a third one later. Davis works the left arm ferociously early in the contest. Daniels hits an elbow. Chop and a shot to Davis. Slap to the face. Davis blocks the kick and hits a chinbreaker. Bulldog. Davis misses a dive. He comes off with a headscissors from the apron to the floor. Chop and back in the ring we go. Davis hits a crossbody for two. Forearm but a whip into the corner is reversed. Davis hits an elbow. Daniels grabs his leg and tosses him down. Daniels tosses Davis to the outside. Into the guardrail goes Davis. Davis hits a belly-to-back suplex on the rail. Ouch. Daniels goes for a pair of covers. No dice. Daniels steps on the back of his head. Knee to the back of the head. Chop exchange. Daniels teases one more chop, but he merely pokes Davis in the eyes. Davis with a folding press for two. Off the ropes with a springboard crossbody. Both men down. Davis misses a blind charge. Running knee and forearm by Davis. Bulldog. Judo three. Flying knee. 1-2-no. Davis tries to turn Daniels upside down. DDT by Daniels gets two. Daniels lifts Davis in an electric chair. Davis fights out and takes Daniels down face first. Crucifix pin gets two. Daniels catches Davis with an atomic drop. School boy rolled right into a Konkita clutch. Daniels grabs the referee and the eyes of the referee and breaks out of the hold. Daniels dropkicks Davis right into the back of the steps. That was nasty. Rolled back in the ring. Daniels hits a piledriver. 1-2-NO! I actually typed three and put Daniels as the winner. Guess even I marked out. Daniels puts Davis on the top rope. Davis pushes off. Daniels pulls the referee. Boz pushes Davis off. Daniels struggles but gets Davis into an inverted piledriver. 1-2-3.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Danny Daniels/11:00/**3/4

-I’m not a huge fan of either guy as a worker, so consider me shocked at how much I enjoyed this match. This came out of nowhere and both guys proved me wrong here. I’m actually far more into this feud now as opposed to before when I didn’t care at all. I think the crowd is slowly accepting Davis as a babyface again.

-Silas Young in-ring promo. He says the crowd wishes it were him and makes fun of them for numerous reasons. Guy certainly knows how to draw heat. He shifts his attention to his former tag team partner Dan Lawrence. Young doesn’t feel Lawrence deserves a title match and calls him a garbage wrestler. Harvey brings up Lawrence being a former Heritage and tag champ. Lawrence runs out and invites the champion back in the ring. Young says ring the bell. Here we go…

-AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. Dan Lawrence

Young and Lawrence used to be a tag team called “Suds and Buds.” After Lawrence’s huge victory against Mason Beck in April, he gets a world title match. Since this is before intermission, I wouldn’t expect a world title change. Then again, Jay Bradley lost his title in the fourth match on the card. Young takes Lawrence in the corner and actually breaks clean. Snapmare over and then Young paintbrushes Lawrence, Some arm work and Young gets a chop. Lawrence with a headscissors. Young bridges out and applies a half crab. Side headlock and a shoulder tackle by the champion. Young misses an elbow drop. Knee to the midsection and a DDT by Lawrence. Japanese stranglehold by Lawrence doesn’t last long. Young tosses challenger into the corner hard. He tries again but gets dropkicked. Young rolls through on a headlock. Lawrence knees Young in the back. Boot rakes in the corner. Backbreaker/clothesline by the champion. Forearm, round kick, and a series of knees to the back. Chinlock. Lawrence fights back with elbows and chops. He falls short on a dropkick. Young rolls him up for two. Young steps on Lawrence’s face near the edge of the ring. Series of bodyslams by the champion. Lawrence gets a roll-up for two. Young clothesline and gets two. Chinlock again. Young takes Lawrence down hard. Lawrence leg lariats and even shoves Young off the ring. Baseball slide dropkick and a springboard asai moonsault. Both men down on the outside. Lawrence sends the champion back inside. Hurancanrana from the top. 1-2-NO! Chinbreaker by Young. Knees to the face. Neckbreaker by Lawrence. 1-2-NO! Off the ropes go Lawrence, but Young hits a pedigree. He does somewhat resemble the originator of that move. 1-2-NO! Backbreaker should lead to the clothesline, but Lawrence gets a roll-up for two. Finlay roll. Springboard moonsault. 1-2-NO! Young goes outside and grabs both his title belt and a chair. He brings them inside the ring. Young tries to hit Lawrence, but the referee grabs it. Roll-up gets two. Young takes the chair and nails Lawrence. 1-2-3.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Heavyweight Champion- Silas Young/14:48/***1/4

-I enjoyed this match an awful lot. Lots of good back and forth as Lawrence showed he’s capable of having good matches in addition to fun brawls. I liked Young emptying out his playbook and finally just cheating to win. The ending did suck a little, but I can tell you right now the rematch is forthcoming.

-Chandler McClure comes down for a promo. His contract is up and if Cot Cabana pins him, he’s done with the company. A young woman named Miss Erin comes down and wants to be his manager. I figure this is going somewhere down the road.

-The Chan Clan (Knight Wagner and Jordan Mcentyre) vs. The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte)

Know why AAW’s tag team divisions rules? There are enough duos to have jobber teams. I present exhibits A and B. Hybrids control early and hits some stupid dives to the outside. Lyte kicks Wagner in the ribs. Caine comes in and continues working Wagner over. Mcentyre blind tags in with a one-footed dropkick. Series of elbows. Heat segment on Lyte. Chan Clan look less jobberish than usual. Derek St. Holmes actually calls it a hot tag. Jason Lyte comes in and is a house of fire. There is a messed up splash. Phil Colvin’s reaction made me howl with laughter. It wasn’t even him trying to cover for them, but he just made a series of noises. Chan Clan hit a double reverse piledriver for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:Chan Clan/ 5:51/1/2*

-Wagner once again wants his uncle to interview him. Really? They barely defeated the Hybrids. St. Holmes doesn’t say much of note. He doesn’t want to wrestle, just call matches. Wagner wants to wrestle his uncle one time. Things get personal. St. Holmes actually slaps Wagner when things go too far. He’s the bigger man and walks out once again.

-Ryan Cruz talks about his victory and upcoming tag team title match.

-Colt Cabana vs. Ryan Boz

Battle of the two local boys. Cabana has some fun at the referee’s expense. Boz with a headlock early. Caban plays grab ass. Series of moves and he throws the left arm down. Cabana gets into it with one of the ladies at ringside. Hilarious exchange. Boz also gets into with a different ringside fan. Cabana holds him back and gains power by wearing the man’s sunglasses. Off the ropes. Cabana says stop but doesn’t hit an enziguri. Another slap to the heavily braced left arm of Ryan Boz. Shoulder tackle in the corner and a right hand. Cabana continues working the arm as the announcers talk about the referee looking very close to Boz. Ki lock. Cabana teases sticking his thumb I Boz’ ass. I wish I was kidding. Eye rake and a right hand by Boz. Lariat. Elbowdrops. Kneedrop. Backrake. Left arm to the corner. Boz with a punch. Belly-to-back suplex. He lays in some punches. He runs in with a clothesline and follows up with a chop. Cabana placed on the top. Boz sets up for a superplex. Big elbow by Cabana. Flying clothesline. Cabana continues going only after the arm. Dropkick gets two. Headbutt by Boz. Blind charge misses. Flying asshole doesn’t. Boz comes back with a boot. He calls for the Boz driver. Cabana floats over and sends him down. London Dungeon. Boz taps immediately.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Colt Cabana/6:52/**

-Cabana’s shenanigans didn’t seem completely out of place because these two aren’t necessarily feuding. He also came off as an intelligent wrestler because he literally went for the arm the entire match. Every single move attacked the arm, and the finish played off the psychology of the match. That’s why I even bothered giving this a two star rating.

-Dan Lawrence promo. He says there’s no shame and talks about taking the champion to the limit.

-Zero Gravity (Bret Gakiya and C.J. Esparza) and Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black)(AAW Tag Team Champions) vs. The House of Truth (w/Val Malone) and Irish Airborne

This feels very much like the type of match that would be a television main event to help get some new guys over. I’m looking at you Zero Gravity. If I fall behind with the play-by-play, I apologize. Expecting a lot of action. Heels stall for a bit before the match. Big old brawl to start. Looks like a Battle Royal. Babyfaces clear the heels. Double dropkick by Gravity on Able. Things settle down. Zero Gravity and Irish Airborne go back and forth. Tyler Black is in and hits a scoop slam. Black wants to throw Dave into his partners’ boots, but Dave cowers into his corner to tag Able. Black and Able have a test of strength. Able takes control, and just punches Black when he’s no longer in control. Black tosses Able into his partners. Jacobs now in. Able with a quick punch and tag to Raymond. Test of strength with these two. Able lifts his partner to take control. Black lifts Jacobs. Jacobs and Raymond go through a mat sequence in the air before all four men collapse. Raymond takes Jacobs into the corner and headbutts him in the midsection. Quick heat segment on Jacobs. Gakiya with a series of quick moves on Able, including a middle crossbody. He needs to wrestle Cuije. Able hits a huge inside out clothesline. Heels beat up Gakiya for bit. Esparza sees the double powebomb coming and hits a back cracker. Jacobs tags in and things break down quickly. Black with a blind tag and a double springboard clothesline on Airborne. Peroxism on Able. Black places Able on the top. Double team by the champions. Big double stomp by Black gets two. Airborne pulls Jacobs out of the ring. House of Truth finally get the double powerbomb. I’m done trying to keep track. Referee has no idea who’s legal. This is f’ing insane. Black hits an f% on Jake and hits Able with a dropkick as he comes down. Jacobs kicks Able as Black has him in position for the Argentinian backbreaker. End Time! Raymond eventually breaks that hold. This is like a Dragon Gate match. Jacobs gets worked over once again. Jacobs once again does a fantastic job teasing the eventual hot tag. They even pull out the post where a hot tag is made, but the ref doesn’t see it. Jacobs gets two low blows on both members of Airborne and a contra code on Jake. Esparza comes into the ring strong. Announcers said these teams are giving it everything they’ve got, and it’s not hard to disagree. Big dives are hit every which way. Tyler Black even breaks out a dive from the top rope. Gravity double team Raymond. Flippy cup. Esparza covers for a two count. Able catches Gakiya, throws him into Esparza, and tosses Gakiya hard into the turnbuckle. Black hits a bucklebomb on Able. Pele on Jake. Raymond with a springboard facebuster. Jacobs with a springboard acecrusher. Jake hits a big boot. Gakiya with a swinging DDT. Gakiya drives the knees into Able. Springboard assisted moonsault by Gravity. Shooting star elbow by Esparza on Able. 1-2-3! WOW!

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Zero Gravity and Age of the Fall/26:20/****

-I don’t even know to begin. This was a Dragon Gate style match held within the context of AAW. Everyone showed up and looked fantastic. I can’t even necessarily say who the MVP was because everyone played a role in making this the second best AAW match of the year. Maybe no titles were on the line, but Zero Gravity came off like huge stars as they finally pinned House of Truth.

Final Thoughts: I had this as a thumbs in the middle show until the main event. I’d highly recommend watching the main event. Some great work from all eight guys and it’s not necessarily a spotfest for all 20 minutes. Young and Lawrence is a completely different style from the main event, and it definitely fit in better before intermission. Nothing else on the show actively sucked, so I recommend this show with no qualms.


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