Bound by Hate Review

A dog collar match main events a huge show!

-Taped from Berwyn, Illinois

-Your hosts are Phil Colvin and Derek St. Holmes

-Dan Lawrence’s promo from May is shown as he just came up short against AAW heavyweight champion Silas Young. He’s fired up and wants a big fight.

-The House of Truth (w/Truth Martini and Val Malone) vs. The Hybrids (Donovan Caine and Jason Lyte)

I still can’t tell the Hybrids apart. Story of the match is H.o.T has exactly zero wins since defeating the Phoenix Twins at the anniversary show. This was a chance to get them a win while also teasing more tension between Val Malone, who nearly costs the H.o.T the match by being on the apron at the wrong time. Hybrids actually play babyfaces well, but Raymond and Able get better with every match. These guys have been solid going back to their tag team tournament victory, but you can really see the improvement in what could have easily been a nothing opener. Series of double teams almost get the Lyte and Caine the match. Able overpowers both members. Tower of truth gets a much-ndeeded win for Raymond and Able.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: The House of Truth/8:46/**3/4

-Martini talks about being suspended and sending Mason Beck home. Martini calls Raymond and Able a great team before turning his attention to Val Malone. He calls her a parasite. The House of Truth is apparently a brotherhood, and no women are allowed. Guess it’s slightly homosexual but it does make sense given the colors and fishnet. Raymond kicks Ms. Malone to the curb. The streamlining of the House of Truth begins.

-Kevin Harvey interviews Zero Gravity. They’re facing Irish Airborne later in the evening and show why they need to work on their interview skills.

-Samuray Del Sol vs. Jordan McEntyre (w/Knight Wagner)

This is Del Sol’s return to AAW after being out a significant amount of time with an ankle injury. Nice lucha offense from Del Sol in the early portion of the match. Wagner distracts Del Sol long enough for McEntyre to get a kick in the midsection. Colvin tries bringing about the tension between St. Holmes and his nephew, Knight Wagner. McEntyre hits a springboard crossbody followed by ripping the mask. Lucha rolls from McEntyre. Wow. Chinlock. Fireman’s carry into an elbow off the top. Del Sol flips over the top but is quickly sent back down. Del Sol grabs the leg of a diving McEntyre and sends him face first in the side of the ring. Del Sol off the ring apron with a springboard moonsault. He lands on his feet and quickly sends McEntyre back in the ring. McEntyre crotches Del Sol along the middle rope when Wagner tries interfering. Roll-up by Del Sol gets the win.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Samuray Del Sol/5:26/*1/4

-Decent enough showcase for the returning Del Sol. A win over McEntyre is certainly not going to turn any heads, but it gets him on the right track.

-Northstar Express talk about how great it was to be tag team champions and also bring up the insignificance of Black holding the Ring of Honor world title. I’m used to the NSE being goofy, but Corbin cuts a pretty good serious promo here.

-Zero Gravity (CJ Esparza and Brett Gakiya) vs. Irish Airborne (Jake and Dave Crist)

They’ve had two matches so far with each team coming out on top once. Fast-paced action to begin. Zero Gravity keeps the pressure on as Gakiya hits a dive on both Airborne members. Heat segment on Esparza. Airborne play heels so well. They don’t have to worry about doing flashy moves, and their natural asshole personalities come out much better. And even when Jake Crist hits a standing moonsault, it’s just to be a jerk.  Gakiya speeds thing up after the hot tag. Great offense as he uses leg strikes up the wazoo. Airborne uses their own double teams on Gakiya. Esparza even has to save his partner after Dave Crist hits a big splash. Dave then  goes for a superplex on Esparza. Gordbuster. Miscommunication by Airborne on the piledriver. Standing moonsault by Gakiya. Shooting star elbow by Esparza, and he appears to have legitimately injured himself. He somehow gets the cover and the three count

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: 8:15/**1/2

-Good match for the time it was given, but I really feel like these two could have given a little more. More storytelling (and perhaps more time) would have equaled a higher rating.

-AAW Heritage Championship: Arik Cannon(champion) (w/Dave Prazak) vs. Krotch (w/Scarlet)

Cannon’s first Heritage title reign began against Krotch over two years ago. Krotch with a series of punches before a lariat gets the advantage for the champion. Prazak helps his man while the referee is distracted. Vertical suplex by Cannon. Rights and lefts by the champion. Reverse facebuster for two. Northstar Express come out to watch. Big boot by Krotch. Missile dropkick from the second rope. Prazak distracts the referee as Darrin Corbin hits a low blow. Glimmering warlock gets three for Cannon. Easy night I guess

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:  STILL AAW Heritage Champion-Arik Cannon /3:50/*

-Prazak on the microphone to gloat about his man’s victory. Cannon gets into it with a fan and goes on to complain about the competition for his title. He lays down a challenge for another match. Lights go out. MsChif. Bell rings.

-AAW Heritage Championship: Arik Cannon(champion) (w/Dave Prazak) vs. MsChif

It’s interesting that in a year of quality intergender matches, we get this contest. Play-by-play won’t even do what Arik Cannon and MsChif did to each other. Earth-shattering strikes combined with incredible stretches. But to MsChif’s credit, she hangs in the match for all ten minutes of it and even has the Berwyn Eagles believing she might win the title. I’d say this is probably my all-time favorite MsChif match . Of course, Cannon remains ridiculously underrated, and it takes a real man to have a great match with a woman. It takes self-confidence and the ability to maneuver body weight. No way could MsChif realistically do all her flips and stretching without Cannon’s help. I don’t say this to be a sexist jerk, but I say it as the truth. MsChif primarily focuses on holds and submissions while Cannon strikes hard and also stretches her out . That first chop? As Phil Colvin said on commentary, “SWEET JEBUS!”  Just a brilliantly executed match. Cannon with a huge right hand and a LARIAT for the win. Glad the champion won clean against a woman in this case.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:  STILL AAW Heritage champion- Arik Cannon/8:45/***1/2

-I’m tempted to give this DVD a thumbs up for the above match only. I’d go out of my way to see this match.

-Kevin Harvey brings out Ryan Boz and Danny Daniels before the match. Daniels doesn’t care who Davis’ partner is while Ryan Boz is nursing a torn bicep. Davis comes out with Shane Hollister. It’s not Holllister who’s the partner though. From out of the shadows comes…

-Jerry Lynn and Trik Davis (w/Shane Hollister) vs. Danny Daniels and Ryan Boz

Davis said he was bringing in a mystery partner that was a former AAW heavyweight champion. The options were pretty much boiled down to Marek Brave or Jerry Lynn. Thankfully, it’s Lynn. Big old brawl to start with all four men fighting at ringside. Babyfaces in control once things end up back in the ring. Davis with a headscissors. Lynn with a basement dropkick. Lynn brings Boz down head first on the size of the ring. He then deposits Daniels on to his partner. Crowd goes nuts for Lynn.  Suicide dive by Davis. Lynn comes off the apron for a dive on Boz. Davis misses a dive back in the ring but comes back with a codebreaker. Daniels drives Davis into the corner. Lynn spears Daniels. Boz rams his shoulder into the post. Daniels dropkicks Davis into the corner. Daniels back suplexes Davis on the guard rail. Heat segment on Davis. Hot tag to Lynn who goes wild. I don’t care how old he is, the man can still deliver the good in the ring.  Chaos as all four men brawl in the ring. Boz continues making mistakes and getting himself injured. After one too many mistakes, Lynn hits Boz with a cradle piledriver for the win.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:  Jerry Lynn and Trik Davis/13:04/***

-A bit on the sloppy side, but I enjoyed this more on DVD than when  I saw it live. Definitely hope to see more of Lynn in AAW since I think he can be a valuable contributor and a veteran voice in the locker room. And as much as I’ve disliked Trik Davis in the past, he’s actually starting to grow on me.

-Danny Daniels walks out on his partner and friend. Well, that wasn’t nice.

-Silas Young doesn’t think he should have to give Dan Lawrence a rematch. He then berates Irish Airborne for losing earlier in the evening. Jerry Lynn walks up to him and thankfully doesn’t tell him to go watch the F’n WWE. A future title match between the two is teased.

-Louis Lyndon vs. Knight Wagner(w/Jordan McEntyre)

Lyndon has been picking up some singles victories lately and appears to be building toward a Heritage title match. Wagner has shown significant improvement in recent months, and I think having a feud with his uncle (Derek St. Holmes) has made him seem somewhat important. McEntyre tries to get involved but gets forearmed like a geek. Wagner in control. Lyndon gets a backslide for one. Kind of sloppy. Series of palm strikes. Wagner with a leg sweep. He tries stretching Lyndon out while calling his uncle. Lyndon out of a back suplex. Forearms. Flip off the top. Big chop and a forearm. Off the ropes and Wagner is the victim of a headscissors. Lyndon asai moonsault on both members of the Chan Clan. Lyndon goes for a dragon suplex. Wagner kick and a neckbreaker. Kick to the stomach by Lyndon. Lyndon heads upstairs. Jumping front kick gets two. McEntyre tries interfering and fails. Dragon suplex gets three for Lyndon

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Louis Lyndon/7:11/*1/2

-Nice win for Lyndon. AAW appears to be building a new star and a potential singles champion.

-Wagner doesn’t want to even talk to his uncle. He calls out Phil Colvin for an interview instead of Derek St. Holmes. Wagner continues calling out his uncle and lays down a challenge one more time. St. Holmes simply folds his arma. Wagner pushes Colvin down. McEntyre with a punch. St. Holmes runs in and makes the save for his broadcast partner.  Nice editing job by AAW as St. Holmes tripped coming in the ring. Chandler McClure comes from behind. Chan Clan beatdown. St. Holmes takes his belt off and clears the ring. He can’t stand it anymore. St. Holmes has a match made for next month. Derek St. Holmes will team with Colt Cabana to take on Chandler McClure and Knight Wagner. If Chan Clan loses, McClure is done with AAW.

-Dan Lawrence thinks he can represent AAW well as the heavyweight champion.

-AAW Tag Team Championship: Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs(champions) vs. The Northstar Express (Darrin Corbin and Ryan Cruz)

Kevin Harvey is in the booth with everything that just happened with Colvin and St. Holmes. Darrin Corbin gets into it with the same female fan that Arik Cannon was yelling at earlier in the show. Black and Corbin feel each other out. Jacobs and Cruz turn the volume up. Challengers take control. Corbin continue jaw-jacking with the female fan. Jacobs allowed this fan to slap Corbin right in the face. That was dangerous. Champions double team Corbin. Corbin rakes the eyes of Black along the ropes. Snapmare by Cruz and a modified chinlock. Dropkick by Black. Cruz sent into the boots of Jacobs. Irish whip and a reverse elbow. Corbin gets a blind tag but gets punched in the stomach coming off the top. Jacobs sends Corbin to the top. Tree of woe. Running knee by Jacobs. Double dropkick by Age of the Fall. Cruz comes in and gets double-teamed as well. Left hand and elbow by Corbin. Cruz threatens to kill Jacobs. Doesn’t last. Clothesline by Jacobs. Cruz reverses and sends Jacobs to the apron. Number game gets to Jacobs as he is sent into the guard rail. Heat segment on Jacobs. Jacobs tries fighting back, but NSE continues cutting the ring in half. Chinbreaker by Jacobs. Corbin rams him in the corner. Spear by Jacobs. Black in going crazy. O’Connor roll on Cruz and a back suplex. Corbin is on the top rope. Black climbs up and hits a hurancanrana on top of Cruz. That looked like it sucked. Black looks for God’s last gift. Corbin grabs the boot. F-5  on Cruz broken by a Corbin neckbreaker. Cruz control try but Jacobs hits a dropkick. Off the ropes with a springboard acecrusher on Corbin. END TIME! Cruz punches away, but Jacobs won’t break the hold. Twisting kick works. German suplex attempt on Black, but a pele kick stops that. All four men are down. Corbin is up first. Black hits an F-5. Age of the Fall go for the super contra code. NSE try to get a cheap win. Corbin hits a backpack acecrusher. Legdrop by Cruz. Both men cover but only get two. Cruz grabs a title belt and tosses it to Corbin. Krotch runs out. He grabs the belt. Krotch blocks the low blow. MsChif out of nowhere with mist to the face. Superkick by Black gets the deuce for Age of the Fall.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:  STILL AAW Tag Team Champions- Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black/17:07/***1/4

-Very enjoyable match between these two teams as you would expect. The ending did a nice job of setting up what will be coming up at Scars and Stripes. Northstar Express vs. McChif and Krotch in a Berwyn street fight. It should come as no surprise that this will be the first time a woman is participating in a Berwyn street fight.

-Dog Collar Match- AAW Heavyweight Championship: Silas Young (champion) vs. Dan Lawrence

Young nailed Lawrence with a chair to the head to get the victory at Appetite for Destruction. Now we get a dog collar match to settle the issue. Lawrence dropkicks Young on the apron. We haven’t had a bell yet. Lawrence goes to work on the champion outside the ring. From guard rail to guard rail and side to side. Lawrence enjoys a beverage and gets a running kick. Lawrence just chokes Young with the collar. Series of punches. Young is busted open but at least has collar around his throat. Lawrence brings a chair in the match. Young sweeps the knee and uses the chair on the body part. Referee puts the collar on Lawrence. Bell finally rings. Young tries to send Lawrence into the prone chair. Series of rights by Lawrence. Sweep of the foot across the forehead. Young yanks on the chain. Lawrence takes Young over into the turnbuckle. Lawrence wraps the collar around his knee and rams it into Young’s face. Fans chant “PBR.” Knee lift by Lawrence gets two.  Enziguri out of the corner. More choking with the chain. Young puts Lawrence on the top rope. Lawrence chokes Young with the chain and his legs. Young punches away and gets a face plant. Small package by Lawrence gets two. Young finally sends Lawrence into the chair. Young drives harpoons the chair into Lawrence’s back. Stomp on the chair gets two. Young goes to the second rope. Lawrence lifts the foot. Young sees it coming but Lawrence avoids a fist drop. Series of punches by Lawrence. Clothesline by Young. Vertical suplex attempt. Lawrence punches away. Young drives him into the buckles. Vertical suplex gets two. Young chinlock. Lawrence with shots a neckbreaker out of the corner. Strike exchange. Young gets the backbreaker/clothesline combination for two. Young uses the chain on Lawrence. Chair shot to the back. Young starts talking trash while continuing to use the chair. Young walks Lawrence around like a dog and calls for him to bark. Least it’s better than when Zack Ryder was yelling at Percy Watson to bark like a dog on NXT. Young sits in the chair. Lawrence with a headbutt. Young tries a back suplex on to the chair. Lawrence drives Young across the chair instead. Both men are down. Both men on their knees punching away. On their feet. Two neckbreakers get two for Lawrence. Young rams Lawrence in the corner. On the top where Young punches away at him. Superplex attempt. Lawrence shoves him off. Hurancanrana from the top gets two. Irish whip. Young charges and ends up on the floor. Lawrence flies out with a tornado DDT on the floor. Unbelievable. Irish Airborne pull Lawrence off the champion as the referee almost counts three. Young hits Lawrence with the belt. 1-2-NO! Young yells at the official. More punching by Young. Finlay roll but Lawrence chokes Young across the ropes with the chain in a hangmen like move. More interference by Irish Airborne. Lawrence back in the ring. Young lays Lawrence out with a chair shot and gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Heavyweight Champion-Silas Young/19:20/***1/4

-Was really enjoying the match until Irish Airborne started interfering. Very good brawl between these two men. Just goes to show how underrated both Young and Lawrence are.

-Young and Irish Airborne continue going after Lawrence. Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs make the save. House of Truth aren’t too far behind. Neither are Zero Gravity. Brawling going on all over the place, and the heels get the advantage. Truth focus on Jimmy Jacobs in particular. Into the post he goes. Airborne force Black to watch what happens to Jacobs. Spike piledriver on the floor. Jacobs is not getting up from that. Jerry Lynn finally comes out with a chair to clear the ring. Lawrence and Young brawl to the back. Referees and some of the other wrestlers have to help Jacobs back to the ring.

-More Cannon gloating. Northstar Express calls the idea of a Berwyn street fight against Krotch and MsChif absurd.

-Dan Lawrence doesn’t want to talk.

-Truth Martini laughs. Josh Raymond talks about believing in the House of Truth. Christian Able makes it clear they’re focused on the AAW tag team championships.

-Kevin Harvey mentions Jimmy Jacobs is behind a door getting medical attention. Silas Young claims Jacobs isn’t hurt. Kevin Harvey tells Young and Irish Airborne that they’re suspended for the next show. Lots of bleeps of four letter words are head. Young and Airborne say it’ll hurt the box office not to have them at the show.

Final Thoughts: Lots of solid matches made up Bound by Hate. Nothing outstanding, but the guys worked hard, and this was a really easy show to watch. The Cannon/MsChif match was a tremendous eight minutes of action. Last two matches were running along fine until the ending. Everything else fit in nicely. Some storylines were advanced, and the crowd was into everything the whole night. Easy thumbs up from me.


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