Scars and Stripes Review

Three huge tag matches at the biggest AAW show of the summer!

-Taped from Berwyn, Illinois

-Your hosts are Phil Colvin and Kevin Harvey

-Another look at what happened with Silas Young and Irish Airborne after Bound by Hate.

-Samuray Del Sol vs. Jordan McEntyre

Feels like I just saw these two guys wrestle each other last month.  No Chan Clan members at ringside because of the upcoming tag team match involving Knight Wagner and Chandler McClure. Fairly basic opener that’s a little better than last month. McEntyre keeps it simple for the most part and seems to have a better understanding of how to sell Del Sol’s offense. Even the announcers point out McEntyre slowing things down and not doing as many high risk moves. I think this may have been McEntyre’s best match I’ve seen him have in AAW.  Del Sol hits a standing sliced bread for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating:  Samuray Del Sol/6:13/*1/2

-Not bad. Hopefully Del Sol can move up the ranks and face some better competition. He definitely has potential, but McEntyre isn’t the guy in AAW to get showcased with.

-KrotchMsChif promo. One year ago, Nikki Mayday turned on her brother and went with the Northstar Express. Now the feud comes to an end in a street fight.

-Louis Lyndon vs. Mason Beck (w/Truth Martini)

An interesting big man vs. little man match. Lyndon really isn’t a traditional smaller wrestler. He has a few flips, but he also uses a lot of karate type moves and strikes. It’s also worth pointing out that Lyndon has toned down his wacky comedy and is becoming more serious with every match. Things end up outside the ring for a good amount of time as Lyndon hits a big savat kick on Beck into the crowd. Beck uses his power on Lyndon. Announcers mention Martini’s Book of Truth. Bet that prop becomes important later. Beck actually lands on his feet on a suplex attempt in a cool moment. Blind charge misses. Kung fu chops and a big knee by Lyndon. Lyndon on the second rope. Boot to the face. Electric chair eventually turns into a roll-up for Lyndon. Wheelbarrow into a fallaway slam by Beck. Beck sets up for a powerbomb. Lyndon with forearms. Off the ropes. Jumping kick blocked. Lyndon reverses and gets a round kick. Lyndon goes for a dragon suplex. Karate sweep. Truth Martini trips the leg of Lyndon. Unfortunately, it ends up where Lyndon nails Beck in the groin. Moonsault by Lyndon gets three. Announcers make it clear that’s three wins in a row.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Louis Lyndon/6:46/**

-Acceptable match that gets a huge victory for Lyndon in his march toward the Heritage championship. It also serves as a nice pretext for Martini to toss Beck out of the group. Val Malone comes out and she’s tired of Truth Martini. “The truth is, you’re an asshole.” Good line I thought. Martini makes one comment too and gets slapped in the face. Beck threatens to chokeslam Martini. Josh Raymond and Christian Able save their manager and begin a beatdown of Beck. Zero Gravity comes out. These two teams are supposed to have a contender’s match this evening, but the referees can’t get any sort of control over this situation. Gakiya hits a big dive into various wrestlers and other locker room personnel. Colvin makes a Twilight reference because none of the other wrestlers are wearing shirts. Thanks a lot Phil. I just vomited. Referee throws the contender’s match out.

-Derek St. Holmes and Colt Cabana promo. Hype for the tag team match that will take place later. Colt’s a little too cocky.

-Danny Daniels vs. Trik Davis

These two had a surprisingly good match a couple months ago. Daniels tries to attack Davis in the entranceway. Davis slides under Daniels and hits a headscissors. That was different. Daniels hits a stun gun by the side of the ring. Davis dropkicks Daniels coming back in the ring and hits a dive. Daniels hides behind the referee, and a shot to the back. Daniels charges but eats guard rail. Bulldog into the koji clutch by Davis. Daniels sends Davis outside into the guard rail. Daniels drops Davis sternum first into those dreaded guard rails. Harvey steals my joke about the man being Vader. Back in for a two count. Daniels hits a scoop slam and standing senton. Davis with forearms. Blind charge is met with an elbow. Davis with a leg sweep in the corner. Then he has an announcement. CANNONBALL! Daniels goes for a yakuza kick and misses. Davis charges for a clothesline. Dropkick from the top. Forearms. Irish whip. Davis with a torbellino into the koji cluch. Daniels grabs the referee. Tilt a whirl gutbuster by Daniels. Shoulder block into the back. Rubix cube for two. Daniels tries a piledriver outside the ring. Davis finds his way out and eventually hits a swinging DDT. Diving roll-up for two. Open hand strike by Daniels. Chinbreaker by Davis. Daniels pushes the poor referee into the ropes. These officials are taking a beating tonight. P.J. Drummond checks Davis. Daniels pushes Drummond again. Piledriver. 1-2-3. Would like to know why Daniels wasn’t disqualified.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Danny Daniels/10:18/*1/2

-Not as good as their match from a few months ago honestly. It was more about Daniels harassment of the official than the feud at a certain point. Not sure how I feel about the referee’s discretion becoming a storyline. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until there’s a payoff.

-Chandler McClure talks about his return to the ring. It looks like Kevin Smith shot this promo in 1994. Least these guys were supposed to be here today.

-Krotch and MsChif vs. The Northstar Express (Darrin Corbin and Ryan Cruz)(w/Nikki Mayday)

All four people in the ring brawling for a bit. Corbin is wearing goggles to illustrate this match isn’t as serious as a lot of other street fights.  Cookie sheets and a chair are introduced. Everyone still in the ring. MsChif tries blowing mist, but Corbin is holding a garbage can lid in front of him. That was cute. Krotch dropkicks both members of the Northstar Express. Kevin Harvey makes a really dirty joke that takes a minute or two for Colvin to get. Brawl finally spills into the crowd as you might expect. Action too hard to follow as the action shifts closer and closer to the exits. Nikki goes after MsChif, but it doesn’t work out so well for Nikki. House lights up so we can actually see what the hell is going on. Smart move. Kevin Sullivan must have booked this match because Krotch and Corbin end up fighting in the bathroom. I guess Corbin has some clogging in his mouth because Krotch takes a plunger and puts it to uses I’m sure it was not intended for. Corbin ends up in a wheelchair and multiple spots are done involving Corbin in the chair. Announcers have no idea what the hell is going on. Krotch and Corbin go on to 26th street where it’s still daylight. INTO THE BUSHES GOES CORBIN! I wonder if the Berwyn police department was called. I know some of those people. Scary business. Cruz suplexes MsChif in the grass. Corbin beats MsChif down and wants someone to arrest him for beating up a woman. Again guys, you don’t want the Berwyn police department involved. I’ve seen these people. You don’t want them angry. Krotch uses a cone on Cruz. Hey hey. Back inside the Berwyn Eagles they go. Krotch and MsChif roll Cruz down the stairs in a garbage can. Brawl continues and we actually end up inside the ring again. Krotch hits a broncobuster on Cruz. Gutbuster by Corbin. MsChif sends Corbin into the chair. Kick to the face by Cruz. Cruz sets up a chair. MsChif drop toeholds Cruz into the chair. Tornado DDT on the chair by MsChif. Ouch. Corbin sends MsChif into the guard rail before grabbing another chair. Nikki and Corbin are choking Krotch out. MsChif sends Cruz into the guard rail now. Northstar Express in control. Cruz has a vacuum cleaner and goes to the second rope. MsChif uses the vacuum to nail Cruz in the gut. MsChif drives Cruz right on top of his head. Corbin runs into a forearm and is dropped face first into the Chair. MsChif ties Cruz into the chair and hog ties his legs into the vacuum. Backbreaker by Corbin on MsChif. Krotch leg lariat. Nikki slaps her brother. Neckbreaker by Krotch. Low blow fails. No, he’s not a human tornado. Krotch was wearing a cup. Mist to the face and a kick to the groin by Krotch gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Krotch and MsChif/16:54/***

-The match itself wasn’t technically the greatest , but I was pretty entertained after watching all this chaos. They went all over the place but managed to keep things pretty safe. No ridiculous head shots or blood. All good clean fun. Feud settled as Krotch gets a measure of revenge on his sister and her boyfriend.

-Kevin Harvey announces that both Zero Gravity and House of Truth will get a tag title match in the main event. Tyler Black’s responsibility was to find another partner. Dan Lawrence is the man to help defend the tag titles on this night.

-Chandler McClure and Knight Wagner (w/Jordan McEntyre) vs. Colt Cabana and Derek St. Holmes

Referee searches Colt Cabana. He finds a chain, a hanger, and brass knuckles. Wonder if this becomes important later. Cabana maintains the early advantage on McClure and accidentally krotches both the referee and McClure on the middle rope. Cabana wipes the referee’s groin area with a towel. He then takes the towel and throws it in McClure’s face. That’s not nice. Cabana tells Wagner to stop before slapping him in the face. Cabana grabs Wagner by the pigtails. Tag to St. Holmes. Wagner tags McClure as a way of avoiding his uncle. McClure with a shot to the head and a kneelift. Chan Clan commiserates outside the ring. Cabana lays down in the ring and dares McClure to do something. McClure covers him, and Cabana rides him like a horse. Boot and a pair of elbows by McClure. Cabana ties McClure’s arms together. Wet willy. Not kidding. Cabana and St. Holmes take turns using right hands. St. Holmes clubbers away and grabs a hold to work over the back of McClure’s neck. McEntyre on the ring apron gives enough of a distraction to let Wagner get the advantage. Heat segment on St. Holmes. McClure even uses the 100th tornado or swinging DDT of the night. St. Holmes gets out of the way of a second one. Hot tag to Cabana. Right hands to McClure. Elbow to Wagner and McEntyre. One more for McClure. Into the corner. Flying asshole. Wagner meets the same fate. McEntyre is sent into the corner as well. One more flying asshole that McClure gets the brunt of. Baseball dropkick by Cabana. Cabana sends Wagner into the ring to face his uncle.  Cabana takes McEntyre to the back. Miss Eryn runs out, grabs the brass knuckles, and tosses them to Wagner. St. Holmes hits a butterfly suplex on McClure. St. Holmes after his nephew. Wagner uses the brass knuckles to punch St. Holmes in the face. McClure gets the cover for three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Chandler McClure and Knight Wagner/14:17/**

-Jeff Brooks comes out. Ryan Boz follows, but he wants to make an announcement. Judging by the injury angle they’ve been running the last few months, the implication is that Boz wants to retire. Jeff Brooks cuts a hell of a promo on Boz before nailing him with the microphone. He tries choking him with his sport coat next. Boz with a boot to the face. Off the ropes and a lariat. Boz driver.  Then it’s Danny Daniels turn to run his mouth.  He tells Boz to go home, and no one cares about him. Boz driver for him as well.

-AAW Heritage Championship: Arik Cannon (w/Dave Prazak) vs. Flip Kendrick

Flip Kendrick beat…we’ll he’s never won a singles match in AAW but this should be a good match. Basic to start. Test of strength… no. Kick to the midsection. Kendrik works his way into a headscissors. Cannon runs into boots in the corner. Armdrag out of the corner. Wheelbarrow leads to Kendrick coming off the ropes. Elbow by Cannon. Dropkick and a standing shooting star press by Kendrick. Prazak grabs Kendrick’s leg. Choking by Cannon. Series of chops. Prazak puts the boots to Kendrick before sending him inside the ring. Cannon rakes the eyes. Headbutts to the midsection. Irish whip. Kendrick leaps over for a sunset flip. Cannon punches Kendrick coming off the ropes. Brainbuster gets two. Cannon with a modified leglock. He sits back to create an Indian deathlock and front facelock. Out of the hold. Cannon snapmare into a chinlock.  Back and forth until Kendrick sends Cannon head first into the middle turnbuckle. Reverse rana. Cannon goes outside. Kendrick with a corkscrew dive. 1-2-NO! Standing moonsault met with knees. Big right hand by Cannon. Kendrick with yet another tornado DDT and standing moonsault. Irish whip sends Kendrick in the corner. After listing his boots, Kendrick is the victim of a swinging neckbreaker. Snap neckbreaker  gets three.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL Heritage Champion-Arik Cannon/8:55/**1/4

-Cannon says Lyndon and Kendrick look the same in one of the dumber statements I’ve heard this  year. Cannon wants real competition, so Lyndon makes his way into the ring. Lyndon sends Cannon fleeing after a few well-placed kicks.

-Joey Eastman is coming back to AAW, and he’s got unfinished business. Sounds like it would be a good show name actually. Eastman is the former manager of The Northstar Express and Phoenix Twins. He was taken out some 18 months ago and hasn’t been in Berwyn since.

-AAW Tag Team Championship: Tyler Black and Dan Lawrence (champions) vs. House of Truth (Christian Able and Josh Raymond)(w/Truth Martini) vs. Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza)

This should be appropriately chaotic. Zero Gravity and House of Truth don’t wait for a bell or for the champions to come out. Zero Gravity clears the ring of H.o.T. Black and Lawrence come out to brawl with Truth. All six men brawl in the ring with Gravity, Black, and Lawrence teaming up to take out H.o.T out of the ring. Everyone actually goes into their proper corners, and we have a bell. Hey hey. Kevin Harvey tears P.J. Drummond a new one. Officials can’t get any love tonight. Esparza and Black feeling out process. Esparza hits a headscissors and series of dropkicks. Black hits a shoulder block. Gakiya and Lawrence in and he cinches in a tight headlock. Off the ropes. Lawrence rolls through a sunset flip to hit a dropkick in the back. Back to the headlock. Raymond kicks Gakiya in the back. Japanese armdrags into an armbar by Lawrence on Raymond. Elbows by Raymond. Charge misses. Another armdrag by Lawrence. Grabs the arm again. Back and forth. Lawrence battles both Raymond and Able off. Black comes off the top with a double axehandle  on the arm. Raymond takes Black into the H.o.T corner. Black no sells chops and delivers some of his own. He rakes the face. Esparza leaps in with an elbow. Series of shots. Off the ropes and a reverse elbow by Able. Raymond comes in. Esaparza skins the cat and takes Raymond over the top. Able gets punched by Black. Dropkick by Esparza. Zero Gravity gets a fake-out as Gakiya hits a kamikaze dive. Esparza skins the cat only to get nailed by two dropkicks. Martini kicks away at Esparza. Able and Black have a standoff.  Heat segment on Esparza as the House of Truth basically cut the ring into quarters. See, there’s a third team and they can’t cut it in half. It should be pointed that out this is a double elimination match, meaning we’ll have two falls. Esparza gets a small package, but Gakiya was jabbing with the referee. Raymond hits a clothesline to regain the advantage for his team. Esparza works his way into a tag to Tyler Black after his partner is pulled off the apron. Miscommunication by Raymond and Able. Black gets all fired. Lawrence with a flatliner off the ropes. To the top. Able rolls through and tosses Lawrence outside. Missile dropkick by Gakiya. Double team attempt by H.o.T goes awry. Springboard moonsault by Gakiya. Esparza hits a double stomp on Able. Enziguri by Gakiya. Roll-up for two. Teams go back and forth until Gakiya is hit flush in the head by the book of truth. Able covers Gakiya for three. Esparza defends his partner as Gakiya is down. Lawrence fires away at Raymond and Able. Raymond is sent flying. Able with an overhead suplex. Veg-a-matic by H.o.T. Black stops the cover. Raymond hits a lungblower off the second rope. Able comes in with a lariat. 1-2-NO! Lawrence knees Able out of the ring. Lawrence hits a reverse rana on Raymond off the top rope. Black with a dive to the outside. Lawrence gets a cover for two. Black sends Able into the crowd. Watch out! Lawrence dives from the top INTO THE CROWD! JESUS! Black sends Raymond in the ring. Frog splash. 1-2-Truth Marini pulls the referee out. Black stalks the manager. Martini in the ring . He turns around and sees Mason Beck. They run around. Able takes the book but misses Black. Bucklebomb. Superkick. 1-2-3.

-Winner (s)/Time/Rating: STILL AAW Tag Team Champions- Tyler Black and Dan Lawrence/22:15/***1/2

-An enjoyable main event for sure. Lots of wild and crazy action. I don’t think the loss of Jimmy Jacobs hurt this match much, a testament to how good Lawrence is. Zero Gravity made a good showing of themselves too. H.o.T continue adding moves to their repertoire and getting better.

-Knight Wagner brags while Chandler McClure sings. Jordan McEntyre is unhappy about losing to a Mexican samurai. He gets the best line of the show about what happens when you mix a Mexican with a samurai while pining for toilet paper.

-Truth Martini talks about streamlining the group. Able talks about Zero Gravity interfering in the business of House of Truth. Another tremendous promo by one Christian Able.

Final Thoughts: A really good main event can’t elevate a mediocre show. AAW has put on a lot of really good shows in 2010, but this just fell flat for me. I think the lack of an AAW championship match hurt, but I also feel AAW’s biggest shows really aren’t Scars and Stripes or Windy City Classic. It’s the shows done on DG USA weekends. Still, the main event is worth checking out if AAW does some sort of “Best of 2010 DVD.” Otherwise, a minor thumbs down for Scars and Stripes.


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