This is a section for all those questions that may rise from my AAW reviews and may also enhance your viewing experience of AAW shows. I’ll explain some of the history, the acronym, and anything else that pops up in discussion. This section will be added to quite frequently as I continue getting feedback from readers and figure out some important questions that deserve to be answered.

What does AAW stand for?

Technically, AAW stands for All-American Wrestling, but in reality the actual name of the company is just simply AAW with the actual words never being used. You may see AAW: Professional Wrestling Defined used though

What is the Berwyn Eagles?

Located at 6309 W. 26th St., the Berwyn Eagles has housed nearly every AAW show going way back to 2005 when the company first officially began. It is a building that seats between 250 and 275 people. It also plays host to doubleshot weekend tapings of SHIMMER tapings. It may also be famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) for dollar beer specials.

What is the “Danimal special?”

Dan Lawrence has been with the company since almost the beginning. Because he’s been with AAW so long, it’s only appropriate that he has his own special drink. Malort is a brand of Swedish schnapps that apparently has a vile taste, at least according to Lawrence. Only those who are man enough will try what has become one of the many fascinating aspects of AAW. For the record, yours truly has never tried a shot of malort. One day, I will be man enough to try it.


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